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Woori Bank: A Mobile App Transformation.

Woori Bank, a leading financial services firm with a global presence in over 20 countries, has emerged as a top commercial bank in Cambodia, focusing on simplicity, accessibility, and cost-effective financial solutions.

Woori Bank: A Mobile App Transformation.

The Problem.

Woori Bank's mobile app required a transformative redesign to address usability challenges, functional limitations, lack of unique features, and an unfocused user base.

In Cambodia alone, Woori Bank has a national footprint of 140 branches and an extensive network of ATM across the country. (Source: The Phnom Penh Post)

Target Audience.

Woori Bank's diverse clientele includes tech-savvy youth, family-oriented customers, and small business owners in Cambodia.

Woori Bank serves a range of clients, from tech-savvy youth to family-oriented customers and business owners.


Through a detailed design audit of the current mobile banking app and user interviews, we identified the following pain points: 

  • Usability challenges: Cluttered interface, inconvenient navigation.
  • Functional limitations: Limited personalization and transaction options.
  • Lack of unique features: No distinctiveness in a competitive market.
  • Unfocused user base: The app served too broad a spectrum of customers.
Design audit on the old mobile banking app.

Our Design Process.

We collaborated with Woori Bank to formulate a vision for the new mobile app, emphasizing simplicity, accessibility, security, and user-friendliness.

Information Architecture.

We restructured the app’s information architecture to ensure a logical and intuitive flow, making it easier for users to find and access key features. This involved categorizing functionalities in a way that aligns with user expectations and simplifies navigation.

Information Architecture.

UX Wireframes.

Our UX wireframes focused on creating a seamless and user-friendly interface. We mapped out each screen and interaction to ensure clarity, ease of use, and efficiency. This groundwork allowed us to identify and address potential pain points early in the design process.

UX wireframes of key screens.
Home screen customization flow.

UI Directions.

The UI directions emphasized a clean, modern aesthetic that aligns with Woori Bank’s brand identity. We prioritized visual clarity, incorporating user-friendly elements such as prominent icons, straightforward language, and a cohesive color scheme to enhance the overall user experience.

Different home screen UI design directions.

The Final Design.

The redesigned Woori Bank mobile app offers a streamlined user experience with enhanced accessibility, personalization features, and localized features tailored to the Cambodian market. This transformation has resulted in a streamlined, intuitive, and convenient banking experience, boosting customer satisfaction and engagement.

The final Woori Bank mobile app design embraces simplicity, offering its diverse users a streamlined, intuitive, and convenient banking experience.
Final UI for the home screen customization flow.
The old home screen vs the new home screen.

Final Thoughts.

The strategic redesign of Woori Bank’s mobile app marks a significant opportunity to redefine and elevate banking convenience and efficiency for its clients. By focusing on simplicity, accessibility, and personalization, Woori Bank positions itself to become a key player in Cambodia's financial sector.


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