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Amret Mobile Banking: Bridging Rural and Urban Financial Needs

Amret, a subsidiary of Advans Group, stands as a pillar of financial inclusivity in Cambodia. Amret began as a small rural loan initiative and has since evolved into a respected microfinance institution. Known for its commitment to social responsibility, Amret offers a wide array of financial services to the underbanked and unbanked, as well as supporting SMEs across the country. Its mission has always been to empower local communities through accessible credit, and this dedication has earned Amret both local and international recognition.

Amret Mobile Banking: Bridging Rural and Urban Financial Needs

The Problem.

Amret's initial Mobile Banking platform, launched in 2019, needed significant improvement to serve a growing, tech-savvy customer base in a rapidly evolving market. The challenge was to create an advanced, user-friendly app that catered to the diverse needs and tech proficiencies of both rural and urban customers, ensuring usability despite potential weak connectivity and less powerful devices, while providing a seamless, intuitive user experience for all.

Target Audience.

The primary target audience includes rural customers, mainly agricultural workers with varying levels of tech literacy, and urban customers, consisting of younger, tech-savvy individuals living in cities.

Amret’s branch network caters to customers in both urban and rural areas and embodies their commitment to financial inclusivity and accessibility.


Research indicated a significant market shift towards mobile-first banking solutions, with digital financial services outpacing traditional banking in adoption. This highlighted the necessity for an inclusive, easy-to-use app that could bridge the gap between rural and urban users.

Our Design Process.

Our design process is centered on achieving simplicity, high performance, and inclusivity. We aimed to develop a clean, user-friendly interface, ensure compatibility with various devices and connectivity conditions, and simplify customer onboarding and transactional processes.

UX Wireframes

We began by developing comprehensive UX wireframes. These wireframes served as blueprints, mapping out user flows and interactions to ensure a logical and efficient user journey. Each element was carefully positioned to enhance usability, simplify navigation, and ensure that all essential functions were easily accessible.

UX wireframes of key screens

UI Design Directions

For the UI design, we explored multiple visual styles to identify the most effective approach. We presented multiple different home screen UI options, each designed to balance aesthetic appeal with functionality while bridging the gap between Amret’s rural and urban users.

Different home screen UI options

The Final Design.

The final design of the Amret Mobile Banking app features an intuitive, clean interface that enhances ease of use. It includes high-performance metrics for stability and security, seamless onboarding and transactional processes, and functionalities catering to both individual and business users.

Final UI designs.

The Results.

  • Increased Adoption: Significant growth in app downloads and active users.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Positive feedback on the app's usability and accessibility.
  • Market Reach: Expanded customer base, bridging rural and urban segments.

Final Thoughts.

Amret’s new mobile banking app exemplifies a forward-thinking approach, improving financial inclusivity and customer satisfaction. This transformation supports Amret's objective of becoming a leading commercial bank while maintaining its commitment to underserved populations. Through this initiative, Amret drives sustainable growth and innovation within the Cambodian financial sector. The development of the app has not only enhanced Amret's service offerings but also opened new opportunities for financial inclusion, benefiting the broader Cambodian society.


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