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Chip Mong Bank: Streamlining the Digital Banking Experience.

Chip Mong Bank, a prominent player in Cambodia's financial sector, sought to enhance its digital presence to establish leadership in the digital banking landscape. This led to the decision to collaborate on a website redesign project to align with their vision for innovation and customer-centricity.

Chip Mong Bank: Streamlining the Digital Banking Experience.

The Problem.

Chip Mong Bank sought to position itself as a leader in the digital banking sector. The existing website needed a revamp to reflect this vision and streamline user experience.


Conducting the project amidst the COVID-19 pandemic required us to adapt our processes, transitioning to remote design sprints and interviews.

Target Audience.

The target audience comprised current and potential customers of Chip Mong Bank, seeking intuitive digital banking solutions.

Design Sprint.

We conducted a design sprint and user interviews to gather insights into business and user needs. This informed our design direction, emphasizing minimalism to highlight key content and animations.

Our Design Process.


We started by restructuring the website's sitemap, focusing on user journey simplicity. The design direction prioritized minimalism, utilizing white space and animations to accentuate key offerings.

Chip Mong Bank Sitemap.

The Design Direction.

We opted for a minimalist design to reflect Chip Mong Bank's forward-thinking ethos. This approach emphasizes content and directs user focus effectively. By simplifying visuals, we aimed for a clean, intuitive user experience that aligns with the bank's mission and vision.

The Final Design.

The redesigned website features interactive elements and device prototypes for user familiarity. Animation and interactive signposts enhance user engagement, particularly during registration processes.

Impact animations for user feedback and delight.

Final Thoughts.

Our approach, grounded in understanding business objectives and user needs, enabled us to deliver a transformative redesign for Chip Mong Bank, demonstrating the power of strategic design thinking.


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