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CIMB: Enhancing User Experience for Regional Alignment.

CIMB, a leading regional bank in ASEAN, is determined to enhance its digital banking services. With subsidiaries across Southeast Asia and a commitment to sustainability, CIMB recognized the need to align its digital platforms with regional standards.

CIMB: Enhancing User Experience for Regional Alignment.

The Problem.

CIMB primarily serves affluent individuals and large businesses across the ASEAN regions. Our user base includes professionals with demanding schedules and frequent travelers.

Target Audience.

CIMB primarily serves affluent individuals and large businesses across the ASEAN regions. Our user base includes professionals with demanding schedules and frequent travelers.

CIMB primarily serves affluent individuals and large businesses across the ASEAN region.


Mäd conducted user interviews to identify pain points and areas for improvement in CIMB's existing mobile banking app. The user interviews revealed several pain points, including challenges with international transactions, high ATM fees, and limited control over loan repayments.

We also conducted a thorough design audit of the existing app and user interviews and discovered several critical UX issues and an inconsistent application of the user interface design.

Design audit on the old CIMB mobile banking app

Our Design Process.

At Mäd, our design process for CIMB's mobile banking app was thorough and user-centric, ensuring that every step was aligned with the needs and expectations of CIMB's affluent and busy clientele. Our approach combined advanced technology and user experience principles to deliver a product that not only met but exceeded user expectations.

Information Architecture.

We began by restructuring the app’s information architecture. This foundational step was critical to ensure that users could easily navigate the app and access the features they needed most. We created a logical, user-friendly flow that minimized the steps required to complete tasks and reduced user frustration.

Information Architecture.

UX Wireframes.

Next, we developed detailed UX wireframes to visualize the app's layout and functionality. These wireframes served as a blueprint, highlighting the placement of elements and the flow of interactions. This phase allowed us to focus on the user journey, ensuring that each step was intuitive and efficient for users with demanding schedules.

Key UX wireframes.

UI Directions.

With a solid IA and wireframes in place, we moved on to defining the UI directions. Our goal was to create a visually appealing and consistent design that aligned with CIMB’s brand identity while enhancing usability. We chose a clean and modern aesthetic, incorporating intuitive icons and clear typography to facilitate ease of use. The UI design ensured that users could quickly grasp how to use new features, thereby reducing the learning curve.

UI Direction #1

The deep red background creates a striking UI, enhancing visual appeal and brand identity. A 2x3 grid layout for featured buttons simplifies navigation, with a dedicated button for favorites. Clicking this button opens a toggle list of all favorites. Underlined input fields add to the modern and clean look.

Design Direction #1
UI Direction #2

Favorites are accessed via a slide-up modal, and clicking 'See All' displays a toggle list of favorites. Different colored feature buttons improve user differentiation and accessibility, enhancing overall user experience.

Design Direction #2
UI Direction #3

This familiar UI design features six main buttons and two favorite buttons. Input fields with relevant leading icons help users quickly identify the required information, streamlining the data entry process.

Design Direction #3

The Final Design.

We addressed all pain points during the design process, prioritizing features such as customizable loan tracking, convenient international transactions, reliable push notifications, and instant transaction receipts.

A user-friendly, intuitive platform that offers a variety of features to a diverse customer base.
The final design direction.
UI design of key features.
Old home screen vs new home screen.

The Results.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: The redesigned app is expected to enhance customer satisfaction by delivering a high-quality banking experience.
  • Higher App Usage: Increased usage and engagement are projected due to the app's fine-tuned features and convenience.
  • Strategic and Competitive Advantage: The redesigned app enhances CIMB's competitive position as a trusted and innovative regional bank.

Final Thoughts.

The strategic redesign of CIMB's mobile app marks a significant step towards elevating banking convenience and efficiency for clients in Cambodia and across the ASEAN region. By prioritizing user experience and embracing digital transformation, CIMB is well-positioned to achieve sustainable growth and solidify its standing as a trusted regional bank.


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