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Bright: Illuminating Education through Cultural Connection.

Bright is an online learning platform that provides educational resources and content videos tailored to the Vietnamese-English curriculum. It is specifically designed to enhance the learning experience for Vietnamese students.

Bright: Illuminating Education through Cultural Connection.

The Problem.

Bright needed a unique, student-centric brand that embodied fun and engagement, aligning with their mission to make quality education accessible and enjoyable.

Target Audience.

The primary audience includes 10th-grade students, with plans to expand to 11th and 12th graders. Secondary audiences include teachers, parents, and Vietnamese educational institutions.

Initial social media banner design.


We researched gamification to boost motivation and engagement, studied successful online learning platforms, and immersed ourselves in Vietnamese culture to ensure cultural resonance and relevance.

Our Design Process.

We focused on integrating Vietnamese cultural symbols, like the tortoise, into the brand identity. This involved creating a relatable brand mascot and using bold, bright colors paired with grain textures to make the brand memorable. We developed various facial expressions for the mascot to enhance communication and engagement.

Character development.

Logo Concept.

The logo concept for Bright is deeply rooted in Vietnamese cultural symbolism, particularly the significance of the tortoise. In Vietnamese culture, the tortoise is one of the four sacred animals and represents longevity, education, and wisdom. A well-known symbol of this is the giant marble tortoise at Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue City, which students traditionally touch for good luck before exams. By incorporating this culturally significant symbol into the logo, Bright ensures immediate resonance and relatability with its target audience, helping to build trust and credibility from the outset.

Final logo variations.


The key challenge was ensuring the tortoise mascot was both distinguishable and appealing to high school students without appearing childish. To achieve this, the mascot was designed with longer legs, a shorter torso, big eyes, and glasses, balancing cuteness with age-appropriateness. This made the character relatable to the target market.

Six Facial Expressions.
Bright doing various relatable activities.

The Slogan.

The brand essence is the core value that guides all business and design decisions. For Bright, the brand essence is to provide educational resources to help students thrive. This essence was simplified into the slogan:

"Helping students grow."

This slogan was crafted to be easily translated into Vietnamese and understood in both languages.

Bright Stationery Design
Student Pencil Design

Brand Guidelines.

To ensure consistency and clarity across all touchpoints, we developed comprehensive brand guidelines for Bright. These guidelines cover various aspects of the brand's visual and verbal identity, ensuring that all communications and materials align with the brand's core values and mission.

Brand Guidelines.

The Final Design.

The final design featured a culturally relevant tortoise mascot, bold colors, and playful illustrations that resonate with Vietnamese students. The brand essence, "Helping students grow," was simplified into a bilingual slogan to ensure broad understanding.

Business card design.
A4 Envelopes for School Reports.
A5 Envelope for Parent Letters.
Final Social Media Banner Design.

Final Thoughts.

At Mäd, we believe in creating meaningful work that builds impactful relationships. Collaborating with Bright aligned with our mission of promoting accessible education. This project demonstrates the power of culturally resonant design and strategic branding in enhancing educational experiences. Is your brand future-proof?


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