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Fingertip™️: Simplifying Supply Chains Through Digital Innovation.

JLC Asia has been a long standing client at Mäd®. As part of their mission to radically simplify the supply chain and become a digital first partner in a traditional, paper based sector, they developed an enterprise software solution called Fingertip™️.

Fingertip™️ is a collaborative cloud-based platform that digitizes supply chain management into an all in one portal which allows for visibility and transparency for all stakeholders on any device.

Fingertip™️: Simplifying Supply Chains Through Digital Innovation.

With an existing depth of knowledge from previous work with JLC, it was a natural fit that Fingertip™️ came to Mäd® to collaborate on the goals, design and development of the promotional website. Our team conducted a Design Sprint—essentially an initial website workshop—to quickly and accurately determine the key objectives of the site and how best to achieve the desired outcomes.

Design Sprint: Micro Sprint.

Our workshops at Mäd® are devised around some of the most effective exercises from the Design Sprint methodology. However, for well-established companies who have clear goals in mind, we offer a micro-sprint; essentially a fast track Design Sprint that is tailored made to each individual client, but is generally made up of a few main modules i.e Long-term objectives of the business, WWBAT, How Might We and Solution Sketching.

We kicked off the Fingertip™️ website project with a micro-sprint to understand the larger objectives of the business and how we can ensure our solution addresses this. In this case, for the solution sketching we sketched out the information architecture of the site, to determine how we can best articulate a complex enterprise software in an accessible manner.

From the micro-sprint we could then easily develop and deliver the initial sitemap to get critical early feedback. This then made the design and eventual development of the site much quicker and more accurate as the 'deep work' had been done as early on as possible.

The Sitemap.


There's no need to reinvent the wheel.

Generally SaaS (software as a service) websites best practices have already been well established by companies such as Bloo, Stripe, Help Scout and Baremetrics. Such companies have already done a lot of the heavy lifting, in terms of having tried and tested various website structures to maximise conversions. With this in mind we opted to utilize existing Webflow UI component libraries to quickly create some initial design directions that would work for Fingertip™️.

Design directions.

From the proposed Design Directions—using a component library—we were able to rapidly construct a live website structure that only required desired content to be slotted in. This massively reduced the websites time to market so that Fingertip™️ could quickly get those much needed first customers on the site and iterate from there.

Being first to market is hugely advantageous, but we ensured there was no compromise on quality as first impressions are equally important.

Key Website Features.


One of the main objectives of the website is to encourage people to schedule a demo. As a result, we integrated 'Calendly'—an online appointment scheduling software—into the website to make it as simple as possible for Fingertip™️ potential clients to find out more about the services

Calendarly integration.

Interactions and Animations.

Animations and interactions (also referred to as micro-animations and micro-interactions, depending on their impact and design) are key elements to any website. Regardless of how brilliant a design is, animations have the ability to elevate the look of the website to new territory.

Upon the first landing on the page, the website welcomes the audience with a biometric fingerprint animation. The animation represents both Fingertip™️'s brand moniker and its smart supply chain management technology. The combination serves to overall reinforce Fingertip™️'s branding identity to their visitors.

Fingertip™️: Biometric Fingerprint animation.

The use of a hovering pop-up effect implemented throughout the website makes all the difference to a user's navigating experience. Not only does it make the page more interactive but it also adds a dimensional feeling—especially to websites that utilize a flat interface design like Fingertip™️.

Hovering animation.

Final Thoughts.

Mäd® has been the partner of choice for JLC and now Fingertip™️ from project conception stage all the way through to the final UI handover. At Mäd®, we strive for more work opportunities through doing great work. We see value in the importance of building long term customer relationships. It's what leads to a higher volume of purchases, an increase in the frequency of purchases, and higher retention.


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