DFDL: Unleashing Digital Potential in the Legal World.

DFDL: Unleashing Digital Potential in the Legal World.

Welcoming New Opportunities.

DFDL is a regional law and tax firm, established in 1994, that has become a pioneer in full-service legal advisory throughout frontier economies in South and Southeast Asia. 

Complementing its impressive history, DFDL brings together a diverse range of professionals and practice areas to deliver award-winning service. With operations across nine countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines, the Lao PDR, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) and 32 partners from multiple nationalities, DFDL champions truly international expertise and operations, offering multijurisdictional solutions in several key practice areas. 

This commitment to excellence and diversity has remained integral to the long-term success of DFDL. However, moving forward, one of its key long-term objectives is to cement its positioning as a true market leader — not just a pioneer. 

With continuous advancements in digital products, firms in traditionally conventional sectors need to shift their focus and embrace the potential of new technology to create more value and better serve customers. 

This was the rationale for DFDL’s strategic decision to begin prioritizing the development of an improved web presence, finding the ideal starting point for its digital transformation roadmap.

Setting the Course: Current Strengths. 

DFDL has an international reach, operating across 9 countries in the South and Southeast Asia regions.

DFDL has long had an outstanding reputation across Asia and has been known to consistently implement the most up-to-date legal mechanisms in its work. 

The firm boasts a set of distinct features that set it apart from competitors in the industry. These differentiators have positioned DFDL as a leader, contributing to its long-standing success:

Multi-regional and multinational integration.

DFDL's strategic focus on emerging and developing markets, coupled with their diverse team of experts, allows them to seamlessly collaborate across cultures and jurisdictions. This unique capability positions DFDL as a trusted partner for clients seeking comprehensive and tailored legal and tax solutions in the region.

Award-winning, full-service expertise.

Unlike firms that specialize in specific practice areas or sectors, DFDL offers clients the advantage of cross-sectoral support and advice. Their extensive experience and expertise across a wide range of legal, tax, and investment matters enable them to provide holistic and integrated solutions that address complex business challenges.

Regional expertise and network.

DFDL's deep understanding of the local business landscape in South and Southeast Asia is a significant value proposition. With a strong presence and in-depth regional knowledge, DFDL navigates the intricacies of local regulations, cultures, and business environments, allowing them to deliver tailored and effective advice — both to domestic clients operating in the region, and international clients looking to enter Asia’s dynamic market. 

Digital and Business Alignment.

Legacy interface: The previous version of the DFDL website.

Having already established itself in the region, DFDL has been looking to pursue a broader repositioning and venture into new markets outside of ASEAN. Their decision to also embark on a digital transformation journey stemmed from the realization that the digital landscape holds immense opportunities for growth and innovation. 

Leveraging their extensive network, experience, and the synergy between law and business, DFDL recognized the potential to offer professional solutions beyond traditional legal services. The first step in this overarching vision was to elevate their online presence — the DFDL website. 

New Goals.

To support this objective, it was essential for DFDL and Mäd to reimagine the website as more than just a corporate platform. Ultimately, we needed to find innovative ways to set the DFDL website apart from conventional law firms and establish a distinct digital presence. 

More broadly, the DFDL website acts as its main online channel and is often the first point of contact that bridges the gap between the firm and its broad range of clients. A strategic investment into improving the website reflects DFDL's commitment to enhancing client experiences, fostering stronger connections, and driving sustainable growth in both existing and untapped markets.

The following goal statements were defined to inform DFDL’s business strategy and subsequent website project objectives: 

DFDL are leaders in developing Asia with an unwavering commitment to the long-term success of each individual client, sector, and region we represent.
The DFDL website will let users find the information they need, which will benefit busy clients by allowing them to take appropriate action without wasting time.

The redesign offers more than just an enhanced online experience that is intuitive, visually delightful, and user-friendly. 

It goes beyond that by recognizing the pivotal role the website plays as the first point of contact for DFDL's prospective clients. When visitors encounter a platform that is both informative and responsive, it shapes their overall impression of the company. By delivering a website that reflects the firm’s professionalism and expertise, DFDL establishes a stronger foundation for building trust and credibility with potential clients.

Customer Excellence.

DFDL’s expert team offers clear and innovative advice based on local knowledge, guiding clients through rapidly changing legal and tax environments.

At Mäd, we help our clients to refine their purpose by asking thoughtful questions. To understand DFDL’s goals for the website, we needed to start by understanding its customer: Who are they, and what do they want to achieve? What are their pain points, and how can we solve them?

DFDL has a varied audience, much of which is likely to encounter the company for the first time via its website.

Both potential and current clients want to easily identify and contact the right person and explore the firm’s range of service offerings. Existing clients may wish to have the option of booking quick consultations with their lawyers and finding the right information as quickly and efficiently as possible. Industry professionals and practicing lawyers may want to explore and be informed about the latest legal insights, or even look into available company positions to advance their careers.

The goal was to create a platform that expertly addresses all of these needs. 

Bridging the Gap to Better Experience.

As the primary online channel between the firm and its diverse clientele, the website plays a pivotal role in facilitating seamless communication. It caters to the needs of various stakeholders, ranging from local businesses and individuals to multinational corporations and foreign investors, providing them with easy access to critical information and enabling efficient interaction with DFDL's services. 

The website not only bridges the gap between the firm and its clients but also drives DFDL towards its goal of delivering value through all aspects of its operations — including digital touchpoints.

In order to find the areas for improvement, it was crucial to start by identifying the current inefficiencies faced by website visitors. These included the following that are typical of legal firm websites:

  • Confusing and ineffective navigation makes it difficult to find relevant information. 
  • Poorly organized and outdated content is not aligned with the firm’s modern approach.
  • The website lacks dedicated landing pages for specific service offerings or core practice areas.
  • Information can be difficult to understand due to an inconsistency of signposting terms. 
  • The website is not as responsive on mobile browsers. 

With this in mind, our core objective of this project was to aid DFDL in creating an online presence that is as strong as its position in the legal market — to help them help their clients.  

Strategy for Success. 

To streamline user experience, a tabbed navigation bar was introduced to the website to enable content separation by country. 

At Mäd, we evaluate projects systematically, starting from a higher-level view and zooming into them on a molecular scale. Applying this to our work with DFDL, one of our key objectives is to support the brand’s transformation from a pioneer in the legal market to a leader.

To achieve this, we began by revamping the structure of DFDL's existing website, improving and simplifying the navigation experience. This restructuring presented an opportunity to create a more compelling narrative through strategic content placement. DFDL's areas of expertise, international presence, and publications were intuitively organized, ensuring easy access and a seamless browsing experience.

Our focus on web design is typically centered around crafting experiences that effectively connect visitors with the content and solutions they seek. By optimizing the user journey on DFDL’s website, we aimed to streamline the process for potential customers, saving them valuable time and effort.

The Results. 

The updated DFDL platform showcases a fresh and modern aesthetic, enhancing the online experience for new and existing visitors.

The outcome of our approach is a clean, confident, and polished design that differentiates DFDL from its competitors, both locally and internationally. The website's user-friendly and visually aesthetic interface creates a comfortable browsing experience that aligns with DFDL's desired image — combining professionalism and integrity with a sense of creativity and helpfulness. 

The right website organization can turn user experiences into immersive interactions, allowing visitors to find what they need from the platform. Prioritizing consistency, we established a cohesive visual and content identity across regional pages, reinforcing the firm's international presence. To complement this, it was also crucial to include details such as key contact information and case studies for each solution, region, or international desk page. 

As we design a platform, we also try to anticipate all the different types of information that a visitor might be seeking. To optimize the navigation experience, we refined the website’s information architecture and added a clear categorization of publications, updates, and legal documentation, making it more streamlined and efficient.

Content is vital to building a great website while also reflecting strategic objectives like thought leadership, brand recognition, and audience engagement. To leverage this, we introduced a knowledge base of insights, news, and events to solidify DFDL's position as a leader in developing Asia. This feature provides up-to-date, relevant, and easily accessible information, enhancing DFDL's reputation and credibility in the market.

Through strategic design decisions and an emphasis on user experience, our collaboration with DFDL has resulted in a website that supports seamless interactions, strengthens the firm's identity, and reinforces its position as a leading player in the legal and professional services industry.

The Final Touch. 

Ultimately, the results of this project expanded beyond the scope of designing a better website. Its primary aim was to align with DFDL's overarching business goals and drive improvements on its digital platform. 

With a focused approach towards broader repositioning and a vision that transcends traditional boundaries, DFDL has built on its network, expertise, and understanding of the intersection between law and business to unlock new possibilities. By strategically investing in an intuitive and comprehensive digital platform, DFDL is positioned to elevate its brand, expand its reach, and foster sustainable growth within the evolving digital landscape.

Compared to its predecessor, DFDL's new website demonstrates significant advancements in simplicity and user-friendliness. Its modern and clean aesthetic ensures a seamless browsing experience that is both visually engaging and functionally sound. The website also offers enhanced navigation capabilities, allowing visitors to easily access specific information and familiarize themselves with the firm’s service offerings across its diverse practice areas and locations. 

This successful collaboration between DFDL and our team at Mäd highlights the power of combining strategic thinking, user-centered design, and technology to achieve meaningful results. By embracing digital transformation and optimizing its online presence, DFDL has equipped itself with a powerful tool to strengthen client connections, reinforce its market leadership, and thrive in the dynamic legal and professional services industry.

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