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As we gear up for the holiday season and look ahead to a promising new year, it’s time to close up any outstanding tasks and tackle our annual reports. But first, I’d like to share a quick update from our team.

This November marks an exciting milestone for Mäd — we've officially launched our new website!

Looking back on our journey, it's been over 7 remarkable years of evolution since Mäd started as a small creative agency. This redesign is not just a fresh look for our website but also a reflection of our commitment to continuous growth. After all, success is measured not just in numbers but also in impact — and we're proud to have delivered more than 200 meaningful projects to dozens of clients across the globe.

Thank you to our clients and readers for your continued support. Like us, I hope you’re taking some time to celebrate your accomplishments before embarking on an exciting new chapter!

Kieran Glover – Managing Director


— On the importance of a good website.

In the world of professional service firms, a company's digital presence is a crucial marker of credibility. The website, in particular, acts as a virtual business card, allowing clients and partners to engage with the brand anytime, anywhere.

Beyond being a placeholder, a website is often an information hub and a channel for audiences and clients to connect and engage. Achieving this requires careful planning and structure to avoid common pitfalls like cluttered layouts, unclear copy, and confusing navigation.

For one, clear messaging is key — your business website should not only showcase what you offer but also resonate with your audience. Does your company’s mission and vision come through in your website's copy, creating a clear narrative?

Ultimately, a well-crafted website is more than a digital extension of your business; it's a space that communicates purpose, fosters connections, and leaves an impression. It can also be a powerful marketing tool that highlights your company's expertise.

Read more: Why Your Website is Your Most Important Marketing Asset.


  • New Mäd website. After a couple of months of behind-the-scenes work with the whole team, we’re thrilled to finally launch our new website! has been redesigned to better reflect what we do, how we do it, who we work with, and how we think. Taking user feedback into account, we’ve made our website more intuitive through enhanced navigation and search functionality and added information to make sure all our audiences can find what they need. Check it out!


Aventa Genomics. Our project with Aventa Genomics, backed by the team at Arima Genomics, marks a unique venture in cancer diagnosis and accurate treatment. We collaborated with Aventa to create a distinctive brand in the genomics field alongside end-to-end website design and development.

As part of their digital transformation, we helped Aventa Genomics shape the brand’s online identity, focusing on design and branding elements that mirror their vision. Our objective was to create a user-friendly and straightforward website experience aligned with Aventa’s core mission of advancing and simplifying cancer diagnosis.

Explore how our human-centric, collaborative approach to design helped expand Aventa Genomics’ reach and impact in healthcare in Elevating Diagnostics: Aventa Genomics Brand and Website.

From the Web.

AI is quietly revolutionizing our lives but seamlessly integrating into our day-to-day routines — from transportation to shopping to entertainment. This curious overview of our AI use explores the pervasive nature of artificial intelligence, showing its impact on healthcare, education, and beyond.

We’ve recently noticed a pattern among new and potential clients — many established organizations are increasingly looking to start new businesses within their existing ecosystems. This trend is driven by the desire to tap into new markets, expand product offerings, and increase agility. Here’s why this is crucial for work.

Researchers have made yet another breakthrough in AI with an advanced system that excels at solving chess puzzles. This innovative system combines multiple AI systems to access a wider range of strategies, enabling it to tackle increasingly complex problems with unmatched creativity and flexibility.

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