Elevating Diagnostics: Aventa Genomics Brand and Website.

Aventa Genomics, a subsidiary of Arima Genomics, is a pioneering clinical testing service for medical oncologists.

The central goal of Aventa Genomics is to offer unprecedented precision and detail in clinical testing with their flagship product, the Pan-Solid Tumor Fusion Test. Building on a wealth of research and advanced technology, this genomics test revolutionizes clinical diagnostics, ultimately elevating patient outcomes.

However, to make this product accessible and known to a wider audience, Aventa Genomics had to leverage the right strategies and create an informative platform that made the test ordering process as smooth as possible. Their initial challenge revolved around the scarcity of accessible online services and information in genomics research. This is what led Aventa Genomics to pursue a more public approach to marketing its services, aiming to bridge this knowledge gap and provide both medical professionals and patients with a comprehensive solution.

Drawing on our prior successful collaboration with Arima Genomics in a website project, Aventa Genomics engaged Mäd to conceptualize and create a distinct brand within the genome space, and to execute an end-to-end website design and development.

Connecting with Audiences.

The Aventa Genomics client base includes various medical professionals, oncologists, their office staff, as well as their patients.

Like its parent company (Arima Genomics), Aventa Genomics serves a range of distinct clients. In order to deliver a tailored experience that meets the needs of each user group, we had to identify and address their specific requirements. 

The primary Aventa customer base consists of medical experts, particularly specialist oncologists and molecular pathologists, as well as their office staff (if based in a clinic). These highly knowledgeable professionals require comprehensive information about the test, what it is used for, how it works, and most importantly, how to order the test. 

The secondary user group comprises cancer patients who rely on medical professionals for guidance and support. With that in mind, Aventa Genomics needs to provide transparent, accessible information that will empower patients to actively participate in their healthcare journey and foster trust through accurate and comprehensive testing services.

The objective of the Aventa Genomics website, then, is to serve these user personas by providing relevant and detailed information about the test, addressing both functional questions and other concerns with clarity. 

Uncovering Pain Points.

Because Aventa Genomics was a new business, the pain points that we identified through user interviews were, first and foremost, related to the overarching positioning and services that Aventa provides rather than what the website lacks or where it could improve. 

The target audience of Aventa Genomics offered valuable insight into what has been lacking in the current genomics testing landscape: 

  • The absence of a unified and comprehensive diagnosis test system creates inefficiencies in diagnosing and treating cancer. This highlights the need for a better solution.
  • Relying on multiple diagnostic tests for accurate cancer diagnosis is burdensome for healthcare providers and institutions. There needs to be a simpler and more efficient diagnostic approach.
  • Complicated administrative processes for ordering tests cause treatment delays, which is frustrating for both healthcare staff and patients. Clients require a quicker, more user-friendly system.
  • Patients undergoing multiple tests for cancer diagnosis face financial and emotional hardships. There needs to be a more affordable and patient-centered diagnostic method.
  • The lack of easily accessible and understandable information about diagnostic tests makes it challenging for patients to make healthcare decisions during cancer treatment. We need clear and patient-focused communication through the Aventa website.

Setting Objectives. 

The brand development process began with thorough market research and goal-setting, enabling Aventa to lay the foundation for the website. 

Understanding and defining the long-term goals of Aventa Genomics, as well as the business value propositions, was crucial for shaping the direction of our branding and website development efforts. 

These goals provided us with a clear vision of where the company aims to be in the future and acted as a guide to ensure that all design decisions support Aventa on their roadmap toward success.

For Aventa Genomics, the primary business objectives included the following: 

  • To become a key player in the clinical genomics landscape
  • To be known for having the most comprehensive test in the market
  • To increase company revenue by increasing test kit revenue.

Taking these objectives into consideration, the primary goal of this project was to create a brand and website that uniquely positions them within the clinical diagnostic landscape while resonating with their target audience. Our aim was to enhance the company's online presence and user experience, which serve as key components in achieving the business goals of becoming a leader in genomics testing. 

These goals shape the overall strategy, drive decision-making, and help prioritize efforts, ensuring a focused and unified approach toward becoming a key player in the market, generating revenue, and delivering value to customers.

Brand Goals.

The logo conception process involved extensive research into gene structure and DNA visuals to ensure accuracy in the final Aventa Genomics logo.

Brand design shapes the identity and perception of a company, influencing how it is perceived by its audience. Strong branding goals help differentiate the business, create emotional connections, foster brand loyalty, and position the company as a leader in its industry — all of which were essential elements of Aventa Genomics’ vision.

From the initial steps of the project, Mäd and Aventa collaborated on clear branding goals, aiming for a brand that is:

  • Simple yet iconic. The brand should be straightforward and memorable, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.
  • Top of mind for cancer testing. Aventa Genomics aims to be the first thought for both medical professionals and patients when it comes to cancer fusion tests.

These branding goals are pivotal in guiding website design decisions and ensuring that its look-and-feel and content align with the branding. The Aventa Genomics website, through these goals, will not only serve as a source of information but also as a powerful tool in promoting and embodying the brand identity.

Website Goals. 

The early website concepts took shape through wireframes prioritizing navigation, accessibility, and efficiency for an optimal user experience.

Within the digital landscape, well-defined website objectives are crucial when creating a strong online presence and optimizing user experience. These goals are pivotal in guiding the website's structure, features, and content organization, ensuring that users can seamlessly access information and efficiently carry out tasks.

The key website goals for Aventa Genomics encompassed:

  • Streamlined navigation. Aventa Genomics aspires to provide a website with a user-friendly and intuitive navigation system, making it effortless for visitors to find their way around.
  • Informative and accessible content. The website is designed to offer content that is not only informative but also presented in a manner that is easily comprehensible. Complex medical information will be simplified to enhance accessibility.
  • Efficient test ordering. A crucial must-have is a smooth and efficient process for medical professionals to order and submit tests, ultimately reducing the administrative burden and saving valuable time.
  • Tailored information. Recognizing the diverse needs of different user groups, the website will deliver customized information to provide a personalized experience for each user category.
  • Patient resources. The website will host sufficient patient-centric content, equipping patients with the knowledge required to feel supported and well-informed throughout their healthcare journey.
  • Clarity through visuals. To improve user comprehension, the website will feature content presented in clear, user-friendly language, supplemented by visuals when necessary.

Additionally, by providing clear information on the diagnosis process, the website supports both healthcare professionals and patients in making informed decisions. These website goals are essential for creating a robust online presence and align with Aventa Genomics' mission to transform clinical diagnostics.

Aligning Strategy.

Enhancing customer experience, we introduced an interactive test ordering form to simplify the test purchasing process for Aventa Genomics customers.

As a new business, it was important to ensure an effective strategic positioning of Aventa Genomics. Mäd supported Aventa not only with the surface-level design and development of the website but also with crafting the overarching brand of the company.

In the process of defining the brand identity, we took a comprehensive approach that aimed to achieve clarity of purpose, emotional resonance, and distinct positioning in the medical diagnostics field.

At the core of this strategy is a profound 'Why': 

  • To empower physicians with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive testing to enhance diagnostic accuracy and patient treatment precision, and 
  • To give patients access to sufficient information on the diagnosis process, providing them with the resources they need to feel supported and informed.

This central belief guides Aventa Genomics’ underlying business decisions and sets the direction for future projects and pursuits. 

Creating Value.

We outlined the core value propositions that make Aventa Genomics unique, and which would also be the key qualities of their website: 

  1. Comprehensive testing. Aventa Genomics stands out by offering the most comprehensive fusion tests in the market. This approach ensures that medical professionals can rely on a single, highly accurate diagnostic solution, avoiding the need for multiple tests and streamlining the diagnostic process.
  2. Patient-focused content. The website is designed to provide patient-centric content, making it easy for cancer patients to find understandable information on the diagnosis process. This empowers patients with the resources they need to feel supported and well-informed throughout their healthcare journey.
  3. Accessible ordering. Aventa Genomics' website allows medical professionals to easily download the test ordering form, significantly reducing the time spent on administrative tasks. The effectiveness of this feature can be measured by tracking the time spent on the website before downloading the form and monitoring the number of tests ordered.
  4. User-tailored information. Aventa Genomics recognizes the diverse needs of its user groups and, as such, provides different information for different user types. This user-centric approach ensures that medical professionals and patients can access the content most relevant to their needs, offering a more personalized experience.

Brand Strategy.

The essence of Aventa Genomics' brand is centered on empowering accurate diagnosis and treatment — the fundamental value driving the brand's performance. The brand personality embodies traits that humanize the brand.

In terms of emotional benefits, Aventa Genomics aspires to instill hope, provide relief, and support its audience. On a functional level, it offers comprehensive testing, accurate diagnosis, and appropriate treatment. This strategy positions Aventa Genomics as the provider of the most comprehensive fusion tests in the market and communicates its value proposition.

Designing for Distinction.

The UX/UI design leveraged Aventa Genomics’ newly created brand guidelines to craft a website that is aligned with the brand mission and vision. 

In addition to meeting the website's functional requirements, an equally critical aspect of the project was to accentuate the visual user interface design with the brand. 

This emphasis on design aimed to not only ensure clarity and ease of use but also to create an immersive user experience. The design had a twofold purpose: to enhance the accessibility and readability of information while simplifying the process of searching for information and supporting user contact. 

Design and Branding.

  • Color. To distinguish Aventa Genomics from competitors, a strategic decision was made to steer clear of the common industry color, blue. Instead, we adopted a completely different color palette, creating a visual identity that stands out.
  • Visuals. The use of custom visuals, such as images, fonts, illustrations, and infographics, was prioritized over generic stock elements. For instance, we selected a specific, rounded font option for the brand, because it visually brought to mind the shape of the genome caps. This custom approach ensured a distinctive and memorable visual identity for Aventa Genomics, setting it apart from the competition. 

Functionality and UX/UI.

  • Page design. A pivotal aspect of the website's design was the adoption of a single-page format. This design emphasized the core Aventa product and streamlined the ordering process, providing users with a simple and focused browsing experience.
  • Landing pages. Implementing separate landing pages for medical professionals and patients allowed Aventa Genomics to tailor language and content to meet their specific needs. This enhancement significantly improved the overall user experience and engagement.

In essence, the practical implementation of these strategies and features empowers Aventa Genomics to redefine its online presence and functionality, differentiating itself in the market and positioning the company as a trusted and reliable source in clinical diagnostics.


Informative, user-tailored content and a single-page design work together to improve the user experience, streamlining clients’ interactions with Aventa Genomics.

The strategic design and development of the Aventa Genomics website are poised to bring about significant transformations that align with the company's mission and vision. These anticipated impacts encompass various crucial aspects, all of which revolve around enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of diagnostic cancer testing.

  1. Improved accessibility. Both the Aventa Genomics product and its website will play a pivotal role in enhancing the accessibility of diagnostic cancer testing. By streamlining information and offering an intuitive user interface, it will become significantly easier for medical experts and patients to access essential data, fostering a more inclusive and informed community.
  2. Efficient test ordering. A core objective was to simplify the test ordering process, making it an effortless task for clients. This increased efficiency is set to reduce administrative burdens and speed up the diagnostic process, ultimately leading to more effective patient care.
  3. Expanding audiences. The user-centric design and accessible content are geared towards broadening Aventa Genomics' reach to a wider client base. This can benefit a broader network of medical experts and patients, contributing to the company's growth and its ability to deliver value to an even larger audience.
  4. Information sharing. The website's design encourages the sharing of vital information among cancer experts and patients. It will serve as a valuable resource hub, equipping patients with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Final Thoughts.

Our collaboration with Aventa Genomics underscores the growing impact of user-centric design and strategic development for digital products and platforms in the healthcare sector. It also signifies the profound impact of Aventa Genomics' visionary outlook and the collective dedication to relentlessly improving diagnostic testing.

The central objectives of this initiative were to enhance the accessibility and transparency of cancer testing, benefitting both medical oncologists and cancer patients alike. Through a thoughtfully crafted strategy and a human-centric design and development approach, these objectives have seamlessly transitioned into reality, now embodied within the new Aventa Genomics website.

While this digital-forward journey faced certain challenges, particularly in the delicate balance between differentiation and maintaining trustworthiness in a competitive, research-based landscape, the innovative solutions employed have paved the way for Aventa Genomics to carve a unique path in the clinical diagnostics field. 

The projected impact of this initiative not only holds immense potential but also carries profound implications for the future of diagnostic testing and healthcare accessibility via digital channels.

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