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Rose Apple Square: Integrating Functionality and Style.

A mixed-use community square at the heart of Siem Reap, Rose Apple Square unites all the amenities that young professionals may need to get through the day; from living condo space to working office space to hanging out coffee space all in one place.

Rose Apple Square: Integrating Functionality and Style.

Our Approach.

From the same creator that gave us the opportunity to embrace Designing for Designers, our sleek aesthetics for the ODOM website led to us being appointed the website designers for their newest stylish space in Cambodia.

Since our conception, we believe in producing quality work that speaks for us. This enables us to bypass the need of having a traditional sales team, in fact, our quality work is our sales team. Winning the Rose Apple Square project was a humbling reminder that our consistent results are getting noticed.

Our Mäd flywheel sums it up best.

More proof of great work leads to more interest, those interests become conversations, and then some of those conversations then become projects. The wheel keeps spinning.

Starting the Project.

Launching a new website project off the back of another meant that both our team and our client were fully aligned. Understanding how each other works helps for faster optimization, and project productivity.

Before creatives hit the canvas, we started with the important information architecture and mapped out how the ideal website would be structured.

The Sitemap.

As with any website, the sitemap lays the blueprint for the final structure of the website. Through thoughtful categorization, we ensure users can navigate the website and access all the important information with the best user experience.

The Website.

What's unique about Rose Apple Square is the full embodiment of its name throughout the branding – from the expression of rose apple fruit as the logo to the square motif seen across the designs.

When translating this concept into the website, it makes sense to do a grid layout that fully solidifies the Rose Apple Square brand.

The Technology.

One of the biggest challenges of this project is ensuring the grid layout remains consistent across all devices.

Having endless options of technology to choose from means we have to be mindful of which CMS to use for the project. Choosing the right technology can make or break the development challenges. After weighing all the factors, we decided on Webflow, a solution that simplified the otherwise challenging work.

Aside from Webflow, the CSS Grid Layout system played an important role in enabling us to work with both columns and rows to overcome the challenge of maintaining consistency of the grid.

The Animations.

Despite being seen as an 'add-on' or a 'nice-to-have' due to its development complexity, animations and micro-interactions are always something we make room for in our development. Regardless of how brilliant a design is, animations have the ability to elevate the look of the website to new territory.

Finally, from the loading squares to the dynamic lines, we brought the website to life.

The Architecture & Interior.

Final Thoughts.

We can't help but smile at the thought that we've contributed to the circle of prominent industry leaders. We credit our success to our long-term vision, one that values results and client relations over everything else.


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