Iglu is a remote working community representing an international network of companies, with over 200 digital professionals from 37 countries employed.

They provide digital services and talent resources at competitive rates to clients worldwide.

They came to Mäd with one key problem: They had completely outgrown their brand and needed to move away from their initial branding, which had helped them grow to their current point, and create a new brand and communications strategy that would help them reach the next stage of growth.

So, we flew a team out to Thailand to their office in Bangkok and ran a two-day Design Sprint with a dual focus on both the branding and the website.

The brand was redefined against one strong core brand essence:

Remote Work, Redefined.

The key idea being that remote work is widely known as working anywhere but inside the office. However, it is also often associated with working in solitude and having to take care of things yourself too. With Iglu, remote work means being a part of Iglu's diverse and ever- expanding community and network, while having everything you need, from A to Z, taken care of.

Their old branding did not provide the required visual emphasis required for an organization that wanted to redefine remote work, and so we created a complete new visual identity.

The possibility of playing with the an actual igloo was too strong to ignore, and so we created a playful and memorable icon to accompany a completely new wordmark.

Old (left) vs New (right)

The overall dome-like shape and form of the icon is a representation of an igloo, which the "Iglu" name takes after.

The rectangles with rounded-corners symbolize snow bricks/blocks that are typically used to build igloos. Each brick is in slightly different lengths to represent the diverse backgrounds and nationalities of Iglu's community members. The snow bricks also symbolize the strong and stable foundation of Iglu's community.

Iglu's wordmark is in a geometric shape that adds a modern touch to the whole logo.

It is also completed with sharp and angular edges that evokes strong and professional characteristics, both of which reflect the personality of Iglu as a company.

We then created numerous version and detailed rulesets in the brand guideline to ensure that the brand was flexible enough to be used in numerous applications, and that the Iglu marketing team could apply with brand with confidence.

We came up with a strong set of primary and accompanying secondary colors to create a bold, fresh color palette. The yellow and dark blue accents are used sparingly but to great effect.

No rebranding is complete without a full brand roll out across numerous applications, to ensure that every customer touchpoint is consistent. We created a distinctive pattern that called back to the main logo and that was used across all applications.

All the patterns were created from the base elements of Iglu's logo. They can be used as graphic elements on all Iglu's materials in endless ways, which correlates well with the idea that you can work anywhere, anytime.

The Website.

As a final touch, we also designed the brand new Iglu website, rolling out the new branding across what is a complex and nuanced product.

You can see the incredible difference pre and post-branding for the website:

Old (left) vs New (right)

Below you can see more pages of the brand new website, including the beautiful full-screen navigational interface that not only clearly calls out key pages, but also offers website visitors a convenient way to subscribe to Iglu's newsletter.


Iglu quickly undertook an international expansion, opening offices in Vietnam, Hong Kong, London, and Estonia, helping to redefine remote work on a global scale.

The type of before-and-after results for rebranding of existing organizations is what makes us at Mäd get up each morning and come to work, regardless of where in the world that is.

Remote work has been truly redefined.

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