Park Land.

Park Land is a brand under Chip Mong Land, the real estate division of Chip Mong Group.

The team there reached out to Mäd so solve a key issue, that their current brand and core communication messaging did not resonate with their target audience. They wanted to target a younger millennial audience, but their brand and communication did not resonate well:

Both the colours and the typography hinted at a more conservative and high-end target market, instead of the young and hip crowd that Park Land wanted to attract.

Branding is incredibly important, not just because it can make a company look great, but because it can be a catalyst for business transformation and improvement when it correctly identifies and communicates with the correct target market.

A New Essence.

For Park Land, we went right back to basics and asked ourselves key questions: -

  • What's the core essence of the Park Land brand?
  • Why does it exist?
  • What do they believe in?

With this in mind, we came up with the new core brand essence:

Park Land's Core Brand Essence: A comfortable living experience is no longer a dream.

Turning dreams and aspirations into reality strongly resonates with the type of thinking that we have at Mäd. As problem solvers, we relished the opportunity to work with Park Land and develop a new identity to unify their communications, targets and essence of their brand.  

Once the essence was set, we moved on to defining some of othey key aspects of the brand.

Our brand positioning and identity review, as well as a significant amount of user interviews and research, showed the key emotional benefits that Park Land would bring to prospective home owners.

As a final touch, we then considered all the various functional benefits, and which would be the ones that would be best used for communications and sales.

The New Brand.

The Park Land brand also had numerous developments across the city, and so we had to consider the entire family of sub-brands as well.

At Mäd, we realize that there is more to branding than an aesthetically pleasing typeface and logo. When it comes to brand-roll outs, no stone is left unturned. We visualized, and created, an extensive collection of assets to ensure a smooth execution.


After working with Mäd, the transformation of Park Land was beyond what the key stakeholders had imagined possible. The brand was turned from a bland unimaginate logo into one of the most recognisable and sort-after real-estate brands in the entire market, leading to a significant increase in engagement and sales from the redefined target audience, and a continued working relationship between Chip Mong Group and Mäd.


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