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Campore Group: Redefining Market Access with Digital Ingenuity.

Campore Group, having previously collaborated with Mäd to rebrand Central Mall into TravelHub, sought a new corporate website to enhance their presence ahead of an important trade show in the USA. The aim was to better showcase their capability to partner with forward-thinking brands entering new frontier markets, particularly in Cambodia.

Campore Group: Redefining Market Access with Digital Ingenuity.

Project Objectives.

  • Main Mission: Assisting brands in breaking into the Cambodian market and accessing essential services such as distribution, marketing, and warehousing.
  • Foreign Investment Gateway: Providing a reliable entry point for foreign investors and partners to ensure effective distribution and retail presence.
  • International Standards Implementation: Introducing and implementing business practices of international standards.
  • Great Marketing: Expert brand positioning and marketing to enable year-on-year growth.
  • Commitment to Evolution: Constantly evolving to ensure successful brand partnerships, as emphasized by David Ghani, Director of Campore Group.

Project Execution.

Due to time constraints, Campore Group gave Mäd full control over the design, content, and implementation of the project. Mäd maintained constant communication with Campore, implementing feedback and content changes in real-time. The team analyzed the project requirements, gathered key information through user interviews, and rewrote the content from the old website.

The Development Process.

The decision to use Webflow as the platform of choice was based on several key reasons. Webflow allows for speed of development by enabling designers to become developers, thereby owning the entire design-development process and reducing the need for extensive team communication. The abstraction of hosting through Webflow's SaaS platform offers fast, scalable hosting without the need for an IT team, providing a test/staging environment for pre-live changes. Additionally, Webflow allows for pixel-perfect designs, honoring initial design ideas without compromise.

Final Thoughts.

Despite working on final touches while Campore Group's key executives were en route from Singapore to the USA, the new corporate website launched in record speed, providing a pleasant surprise upon their arrival. The website effectively showcased their offerings at the trade show, significantly boosting Campore Group’s online branding and positioning them for future success. The new site is easy to update, showcases all managed brands, and clearly communicates their key value propositions.


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