Campore Group.

Campore Group had previously worked with Mäd to rebrand Central Mall into TravelHub, and then decided that ahead of an important trade show in the USA, they needed a new corporate website that better showcased their group's ability to partner with forward-thinking brands to enter new frontier markets.

Their main mission is to help brands break into the Cambodian market and access key services such as distribution, marketing, and warehousing.

  • Foreign Investment Gateway. Providing a reliable gateway for foreign investors and partners into the Cambodian market to ensure great distribution and retail presence.
  • International Standards Implementation. Introducing and implementing business practices of international standards.
  • Great Marketing. They are experts at brand positioning and marketing brands to enable year-on-year growth.
“We're always evolving to ensure our brand partnerships are successful” ~David Ghani,  Director.

Campore Group gave Mäd a complete control on the design, content, and implementation, as there was not enough time to run this as a traditional project with various feedback loops and a generous timeline.

We kept in constant touch with the client throughout the project and implemented feedback and content changes in real-time as their team reviewed the close-to-final deliverables.

Our team analyzed the requirements, gathered key information via user interviews, rewrote all the content from the old website, and then go to work designing and developing Campore's brand new web presence.

We decided to use Webflow as the platform of choice, for several key reasons:

  • Speed of development. With Webflow, designers become developers. This means that one person can own the entire design-development process, and so there is less need for communication between team members. This means fast, accurate development.
  • Abstraction of hosting. Webflow's SaaS (Software as a Service) platform offers customers incredibly fast and scalable hosting without any requirement to have an IT Team or manage any servers. This is invaluable when you want to move fast, and you are also provided with a test/staging environment to see all changes prior to them being made live.
  • Pixel-Perfect Design. The reason that we really love to use Webflow at Mäd is that it gives us the ability to truly create pixel perfect designs that honor the initial design ideas, without compromise.


We were still working on the final touches to place the website live while the key executives from Campore group were on their flight from Singapore to the USA, and when they landed they had the welcome surprise to see their new corporate website had launched in record speed, ready to showcase their offerings in the best possible light at their upcoming trade show.

The results above speak for themselves. Campore Group received a significant boost in their online branding that positions them well for the future, especially as more forward-thinking brands approach them to enter key frontier markets.

The website is easy to update, showcases all their brands under management, and provides a clear understanding of their key value propositions.


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