About Convergence.Tech.

Convergence.Tech is a Canadian digital transformation consultancy. They work closely with humanitarian agencies and governments across the world to provide identity and credentialing solutions.

As a result of their decision to merge their product: Trybe.ID — a TravelPass technology that enables laboratories to upload Covid19 test results and clinics to provide digital certification to travellers with negative Covid19 test results or vaccination status — under Convergence.Tech; they needed a new branding that communicates their all-encompassing identity. Their team approached us to redesign their new web presence and, thus, Convergence.Tech was born.


Reintroducing Convergence.Tech.

Before we dive into the new website, it's worth taking a look back at the old single-page website.

The old website.

Although a simple one-page website is gaining traction in recent years due to its simplicity and straightforward communication approach, it's best suited for landing pages, portfolios, or event-related websites; but certainly not for something as complex as Convergence.Tech.

To start, a single-page website has little room to scale. There's only so much that a user can scroll before feeling fatigued by the seemingly infinite scroll. Moreover, they typically do not have the best SEO performance, which ultimately impacts search results leading to a decreased conversion and engagement. Given that there is only one URL to work it, tracking the analytics can prove challenging as there is no way to interpret which page is gaining the most traction amongst users.

What Convergence.Tech needed was a multilayer website that would allow them unlimited scalability, i.e. the ability to create as many pages and expand navigation as necessary. The flow of a multilayer website has been around for decades and is the format most users are familiar with, with its structured navigation flow. Last but not least, due to its content-heavy nature, the SEO capability of a multilayer website far exceeds that of a single-page website.

Webflow UI Kit.

Convergence.Tech reached out to us during a period where they were gaining a lot of media traction from being featured on various news platforms and press releases. The need for a new web presence was urgent.

We needed to move fast and to deliver a website that embodies a whole new look and feel while also ensuring that it's fully responsive on all devices. Given Convergence.Tech's unique circumstances, choosing the right CMS platform will significantly impact the website

We decided on a Webflow UI Kit—essentially, a hybrid approach between a template and a custom design. This approach enabled us to customize and develop the website simultaneously. We were able to launch the website within two weeks, including a strict Q&A procedure.

The result is a modern and fully responsive website with all the features one would expect from professional service firms.

Aside from our platform of choice, the decision to employ a content-led approach drastically aided in our ability to deliver with speed and quality. Convergence.Tech understands the importance of content in shaping the rest of the website and ensured that their content was ready to hand over to our team before we begin the customization and development stage.


Final Thoughts.

Convergence.Tech is a leading Canadian consultancy working closely with large organizations and governments. It's critical for their digital assets to meet the highest professional standards.

Their new custom Webflow website is a much better reflection of Convergence.Tech's values and offerings to their partners and clients. Not only does it sport a modern UI that better aligns with their core identity, but it also has improved intuitive navigation that aims to drive leads and increase conversions.


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