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re : edge: Designing the Next Decade of Innovation.

Re : edge, a prominent architectural firm renowned for its human-centric design philosophy, sought to mark its "A Decade of Design" milestone with a comprehensive rebranding and overhaul of its digital presence. Collaborating with Mäd, the firm aimed to refine its brand identity and enhance its online portfolio to reflect its innovative approach to architecture and design.

re : edge: Designing the Next Decade of Innovation.

The Problem.

Re : edge needed a comprehensive rebranding to mark their "A Decade of Design" milestone and to streamline their digital presence. Key challenges included an outdated brand identity, complicated website navigation, and inefficient client and hiring inquiry processes.

Target Audience.

Our work targeted potential clients, job applicants, industry peers, and the general public interested in architecture.

The re : edge team.


Through a design sprint workshop, we identified that re : edge's core principle is "Innovating the future of human spaces." We also discovered that clearer messaging and streamlined inquiry processes could save significant time for their team.

Our Design Process.

Brand Strategy.

Our journey began with understanding re : edge’s vision of rethinking conventional architectural elements. We refined their name to re : edge, incorporating "re :" to signify continuous reimagining.

"We are fluid. We are not about a particular style or movement. We are guided by time and space and light."
Logo concept.

The new logo retained the unique ‘r’ from the old logo, crafted with Noto Sans for simplicity and given a sharp edge to reflect their style. The logo's split design, ‘re :’ and ‘edge,’ conveyed fluidity and adaptability, mirroring their design approach.

New logo.
Old Logo.

A neutral color palette of black, white, and warm greys was chosen to maintain focus on their work. Noto Sans was used exclusively to ensure consistency and strong brand recognition across all mediums.

Brand Guidelines.

Web Design.

We restructured the website to simplify navigation by introducing two main categories: "Practice" and "Projects." This dual-column layout symbolized an architectural floor plan and provided clear paths for users.


The "Practice" section, featuring Story, Team, Principles, Careers, and Contact, used a column-like design to enhance storytelling and convey the firm’s values. Interactive elements like hover zoom effects and animated lines added engagement.

The "Projects" section displayed re : edge’s work in a portfolio-like structure. A mix of one-column and two-column layouts, with alternating images and text grids, maintained a cohesive look while adding a magazine-like edge to highlight their projects dynamically.

Practice vs Projects.

The Final Design.

Brand Design.

The final brand design featured a new logo with a distinctive sharp ‘r’, symbolizing innovation and precision. The neutral color palette of black, white, and warm greys provided a clean, minimalist look. The consistent use of Noto Sans across all branding materials ensured strong brand recognition and a cohesive visual identity. To enhance the tactile experience, we applied blind debossing on printed materials, reflecting the texture and depth found in re : edge’s architectural designs.

Business cards.
Stationary set.
A4 envelope.
Architect drawing book.
Pencil set.
Staff apparel.
Construction hat.

The printed portfolio served as a sophisticated and comprehensive representation of re : edge's design expertise, meticulously crafted to exude elegance and professionalism. Featuring high-quality images and detailed descriptions, it showcased the firm's diverse range of projects across residential, commercial, hospitality, and public spaces.

Printed Portfolio.

Website Development.

The website redesign emphasized user engagement through interactions and micro animations. These elements brought the minimal design to life, capturing user interest and providing an interactive experience. Micro animations highlighted re : edge’s focus on human interaction with spaces, offering users a sense of navigating through a carefully curated architectural environment. 

Additionally, we incorporated conversational chat-bot features to streamline inquiries, automating data gathering and introducing a screening process for qualifying candidates and clients.

Key web pages.
The new website.
The old website.

The Results.

  • Enhanced Brand Identity: Successfully captured re : edge’s innovative spirit through rebranding.
  • Improved Website Navigation and User Engagement: Restructured website architecture led to better user engagement.
  • Streamlined Inquiry Processes: Implemented chat-bot features reduced time spent on inquiries.
  • Positive Feedback: Clients and peers praised the modernized brand and website.

Final Thoughts.

Collaborating with re : edge has been a rewarding experience. Our shared commitment to human-centric design and simplicity facilitated a smooth and effective project. This rebranding and website overhaul not only celebrates a decade of re : edge’s achievements but also sets a strong foundation for future growth.


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