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Aventa Genomics: Revolutionizing Diagnostics through Innovative Design.

Aventa Genomics, a subsidiary of Arima Genomics, is a leader in clinical testing services for medical oncologists. Their flagship product, the Pan-Solid Tumor Fusion Test, is designed to revolutionize clinical diagnostics and improve patient outcomes.

Aventa Genomics: Revolutionizing Diagnostics through Innovative Design.

The Problem.

Aventa Genomics faced challenges in making their advanced test accessible and known to a broader audience. The main issues included a lack of accessible online information and complicated test ordering processes, which hindered efficiency and delayed treatment.

Target Audience.

Aventa Genomics targets medical professionals, particularly oncologists and molecular pathologists, and their office staff. They also aim to reach cancer patients, providing them with clear, accessible information to support their healthcare decisions.

The Aventa Genomics client base includes various medical professionals, oncologists, their office staff, as well as their patients.


To fully understand the needs and pain points of their target audience, interview various experts from the client's team. These interviews provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by both healthcare professionals and patients.

  • Inefficiencies due to a lack of unified diagnostic test systems.
  • Burdensome reliance on multiple diagnostic tests.
  • Complicated administrative processes causing treatment delays.
  • Financial and emotional hardships for patients undergoing multiple tests.
  • The need for accessible, understandable information for patients.


As a new business, Aventa Genomics needed to establish a strong position in the market. This required creating an effective, user-friendly online presence that addressed the identified pain points. The challenge was to communicate their value proposition clearly and efficiently to both medical professionals and patients, ensuring that the benefits and ease of use of their advanced Pan-Solid Tumor Fusion Test were well understood and easily accessible.

Our Design Process.

Our design process for Aventa Genomics was a comprehensive and collaborative effort aimed at creating a cohesive brand and an effective online presence aligned with the needs of medical professionals and patients, ultimately enhancing accessibility, usability, and user engagement.

Design Sprint.

We kicked off the project by conducting a remote design sprint, aligning all stakeholders and laying a solid foundation for the design process. This structured, time-constrained approach allowed us to rapidly iterate and validate our ideas, ensuring that we were on the right track from the outset.

A screenshot from the remote design sprint.

Brand Strategy.

The essence of Aventa Genomics' brand is centered on empowering accurate diagnosis and treatment, which drives the brand's performance. We focused on creating a brand that is simple yet memorable, establishing Aventa as a top choice for cancer testing among medical professionals and patients. The brand personality embodies traits that humanize the brand, aspiring to instill hope, provide relief, and support its audience.

Logo concepts.

Web Design.

The website design prioritized streamlined navigation, informative content, and an efficient test ordering process. We created tailored information for different user groups and ensured patient resources were easily accessible.

UX wireframes.

The Final Design.

Brand Design.

We created a simple, iconic logo inspired by gene structure and DNA visuals, complemented by a distinct color palette and custom visuals to distinguish Aventa from competitors. The use of rounded fonts, reminiscent of genome shapes, reinforced the brand identity and ensured a memorable visual presence.

Final logo design.
Interactive brand guidelines.

Web Development.

The website featured a single-page design that emphasized Aventa’s core products and streamlined the test ordering process. We developed separate landing pages for medical professionals and patients, tailoring content to meet their specific needs. The site used clear, user-friendly language and visual aids to enhance comprehension and accessibility.

Final UI design.
Key sections from the website.

Streamlined Ordering.

We designed an interactive PDF that can be downloaded directly from the website, simplifying the ordering process. This document makes it easy for medical professionals to complete and submit test orders efficiently, significantly reducing administrative burdens.

Interactive Ordering Form.

The Results.

  • Increased test orders: Significant rise in test orders post-launch.
  • User engagement: Improved time spent on the site and user interaction metrics.
  • Efficiency: Reduced administrative burden and faster test ordering process.
  • Accessibility: Enhanced access to information for both medical professionals and patients.

Final Thoughts.

Our collaboration with Aventa Genomics demonstrates the impact of user-centric design and strategic development in healthcare. The new brand and website not only improve accessibility and transparency in cancer testing but also position Aventa Genomics as a trusted leader in clinical diagnostics. This project highlights the potential for digital solutions to enhance healthcare accessibility and efficiency.


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