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Arima Genomics: Enhancing User Engagement and Knowledge Accessibility.

Founded in 2015 in California, Arima Genomics is a leader in cancer and genomics research, pioneering advancements through the exploration of 3D genomes. Their core product, Hi-C technology, along with genome assembly kits, data analysis software, and consulting services, positions Arima as an expert in medical cancer research.

Arima Genomics: Enhancing User Engagement and Knowledge Accessibility.

The Problem.

Despite Arima’s expertise, their digital presence was outdated, failing to effectively communicate their position to a wider audience. The website’s complex navigation and unclear information presentation hindered user engagement, especially among medical researchers seeking accessible insights.

Arima's old and outdated website.

Target Audience.

Arima Genomics serves a diverse client base, including pathologists, oncologists, clinics, and researchers. Each group seeks cutting-edge cancer research, innovative genomic solutions, and a wealth of scientific publications to enhance their work and patient care.


Our analysis revealed that the website’s outdated features and design obstructed user engagement and trust. We identified the need for a better strategic approach to enhance digital appeal, improve navigation, and organize resources seamlessly.

Project Challenges.

  • Outdated website structure and design
  • Complex navigation and unclear information presentation
  • Building trust and credibility in a highly regulated sector
  • Seamless data migration and resource organization
  • Balancing scientific authority with efficient knowledge delivery

Our Design Process.

Mäd collaborated with Arima to reimagine their online presence through a comprehensive strategy that focused on user-centric design, intuitive navigation, and smooth interactions. The design process included several key phases:


We started with a detailed SiteMap to outline the structure of the new website. This helped in organizing content logically and ensuring that each section of the site was easily accessible. The SiteMap served as a blueprint, guiding the subsequent phases of design and development.


UX Wireframes.

Next, we developed UX Wireframes to visualize the layout and functionality of the website. These wireframes were crucial in planning the user journey, highlighting the placement of key elements, and ensuring that the design would meet user needs effectively. The wireframes allowed us to iterate quickly and make necessary adjustments before moving to the high-fidelity design phase.

Low-fidelity UX wireframes.

The Final Design.

The new Arima Genomics website features a polished interface with improved usability, making the vast content library easily accessible. The Resource Library now offers advanced filtering and organizational functionalities, enabling effortless navigation for researchers and clients.

3D genome animation on the home page.
Final UI design direction.

The Results.

The strategic transformation yielded significant results:

  • Enhanced user engagement and digital appeal
  • Improved trust and credibility among professional audiences
  • Seamless access to scientific publications
  • Elevated user experience with intuitive navigation and interactive elements

Final Thoughts.

This project underscored Arima Genomics’ commitment to innovation and collaboration. The comprehensive approach to web transformation, brand realignment, and data migration amplified their brand, enhanced user interactions, and facilitated knowledge sharing. By embracing digital innovation, Arima solidified its position at the forefront of genomics research, driving scientific discovery on a broader scale.


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