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ISI Group: Developing a Dynamic Online Presence.

From humble beginnings as a small, family-run business, ISI GROUP are now one of Cambodia's most respected, successful and diversified corporations. With more than 20 years’ experience, their companies lead markets across the building, construction and technology sectors. They are committed to building our human capital, investing in technology and bringing the most innovative products and services together for their customers.

ISI Group: Developing a Dynamic Online Presence.

They are deeply committed to their vision to create and build a better living for all and act on this through our core values of Hard Work, Integrity and Innovation. Our CSR programs are driven by our vision and the goal to give back to the communities where we do business, promoting positive social change through four key areas:

  1. Education.
  2. Healthcare.
  3. Sports.
  4. Housing.

Having just finished their new branding to solidify the group's presence, ISI GROUP approached Mäd to develop a new website that would serve as their business card to the world and be a portal for various target markets that wanted to know more information on the group's activities, such as joint venture partners, suppliers and candidates.

Mäd had to take the existing brand guidelines and create a digital-ready style guide to ensure that the website clearly reflected the offline corporate brand guidelines, and positioned ISI GROUP for future growth.

Working closely with the group's marketing and communications team, content and design was quickly create and iterated upon, leading to the development of was the leading conglomerate and group website in the market.

Animations and navigation.

We decided to use Webflow as our platform of choice for this project, for several reasons:

  • Animations & Interactions. We wanted our designers to push the boundaries of web design with beautiful animation and subtle interactions that would really add to the overall feel of the website, and communicate that the group was highly technically proficient.
  • Ease of Use. The ongoing management of the website in regards to content was with ISI GROUP's in-house communications team, and so they needed an easy-to-use CMS where they could instantly update information and add new pages or sections.
  • IT-Free. As the group was growing rapidly, most of the IT resources were focussed on key strategic concerns like ERP systems, and we wanted to keep the website squarely in the hands of the communications team and a platform like Webflow abstracts away the entire technical know-how and infrastructure requirements so that IT can focus on what's most important to the organisation.

ISI GROUP also lacked a high-quality image library for the website, and so we also took the liberty of spending a few days at their offices and shooting enough pictures to ensure the website requirements were met, as well as create a library for their future needs such as brochures, newsletters, social media pages, and other communication materials.

Final Thoughts.

ISI GROUP now have a market-leading website that allows them to clearly communicate their values to potential partners, suppliers, and candidates, as well as give updates to the world on the latest news at ISI GROUP.

The group continues to make long-term strategic investments in their brand and corporate communications, and is now a well-established and recognized conglomerate.

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