When GOTIFO approach Mäd, they were a two-man team with a dream to create a shared global football community that means you feel at home, wherever you are in the world. With a shared passion for the beautiful game – we had worked with PPCFC previously, it was a great fit between the two teams.

Mäd took the initial idea and collaborated closely with the client to bring it into reality, from creating the branding, choosing the name, landing page, and designing a world-class mobile app that would inspire the next generation of football fanatics.

The Brand.

Initially, the startup was called Football Fan Asia, taken from a popular Youtube channel that the duo already ran. However, this name was deemed too restrictive as we wanted the app to  have a global appeal, not just a focus on Asia.

However, with the renaming we kept the core idea of the focus on the fans, and this is where GOTIFO was born.  

"Tifosi" is the Italian word for "fans", and "Tifo" is the the phenomenon whereby tifosi of a sports team makes a visual display of any choreographed flag, sign or banner in the stands of a stadium, mostly as part of an association football match.

So, GOTIFO brings forwards the idea that the app will bring fans forwards together, exploring worldwide football events that matter to them, while connecting with like-minded tifosi.

We were also heavily inspired by the concept of the Scudetto (Italian for: "little shield") is a decoration worn by Italian sports clubs that won the annual championship of their respective sport in the previous season.

These are some of the initial directions we explored:

In the end, we went for a distinctive yellow/white/blue direction, and we took the scudetto concept to bring to life the GOTIFO "G" icon, that would become a distinctive part of the brand. Furthermore, the "O" of the brand was designed to callback to the olympic racetrack that often surrounds football pitches and also to be in the shape of a stadium.

The brand was rolled out across numerous materials including a full-featured brand book, a stunning landing page, and, of course, served as the basis for the user interface of the mobile application.

The Mobile App.

The key goal of GOTIFO is to create a dedicated football platform designed to elevate the fan experience in a unique way, by offering a social interactive hub and user-generated content so you can share your passion for the global game with fans worldwide.

We designed and prototyped our way to a highly usable and engaging mobile application that connect lovers of the beautiful game everywhere.


Gotifo started as an idea, and with the help of Mäd, became a reality, positioned to help revolutionize the beautiful game we all love.


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