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Whether it’s pumpkin spice lattes flowing, bonfires glowing, or water festival rowing, autumn is well and truly upon us — and celebratory moods are starting to creep in.

For me, October marks a turning point in the year. Perhaps because I celebrated my thirtieth birthday and I’m already becoming nostalgic for better days, but October has me either relieved that the year is coming to an end, or discovering a newfound optimism for the upcoming year.

It’s fair to say that I’m in the latte half-full camp this October, with lots of exciting things happening behind the scenes here at Mäd that we will be able to share very soon.

So I have to say I’m relieved that my old age hasn’t yet killed all optimism, but Starbucks glow-in-the-dark takeaway cups…

Surely not.

Kieran Glover – Managing Director


— On the science of client relationships.

Newton's third law of motion posits that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Much like in physics, the principle of cause and effect holds true in human relationships — including our relationships with clients.

When we extend positivity and support to our clients, they tend to respond in kind, forming a feedback loop of trust and cooperation. Conversely, if we are negative and critical of our clients, they are more likely to be negative and critical of us. This can lead to a negative cycle of conflict and resentment.

There are several ways to apply the principles of this law to your customer relationships:

  • Be proactive and positive. To initiate and strengthen relationships, stay attuned to your clients' needs and aspirations, maintaining open and honest communication. Look for opportunities to assist them in achieving their goals, and demonstrate genuine care and support for their success.
  • Practice understanding and forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes. When your clients go off-track, be willing to work with them to resolve the issue. A forgiving attitude fosters trust and cooperation, mitigating conflicts.
  • Go the extra mile. Show your clients that you value their business by going beyond the expected minimum. This could mean working late to meet a deadline, providing them with additional support and resources, or simply making an effort to make your client feel genuinely appreciated.

By cultivating your client relationships, you’re also investing in your long-term success. This can bolster your reputation and enhance future prospects; after all, strong client relationships often lead to repeat business, referrals, and punctual payments.

Read more: The Physics of Relationships: Going Positive and Going First.


Woori Bank. Our recent collaboration with Woori Bank, a prominent South Korean bank with a global presence across Southeast Asia and beyond, saw us redesigning their mobile app.

We aimed to help Woori Bank enhance banking accessibility and efficiency for their clients in Cambodia. Through extensive user research and a human-focused approach, we crafted an elegant and user-friendly app interface that simplifies mobile banking, opening access to a diverse range of users.

Discover how we blend digital innovation with user-first design to deliver products that increase customer engagement and satisfaction and drive our clients ahead of the competition: Banking on Innovation: Woori Bank's Mobile App Transformation.


  • Team Achievements. This month, we'd like to shout out Ousa Chea, our multi-skilled Web Designer and Developer, who has earned the Google Project Management Certificate! A solid grasp of project management is vital for professional service firms. For our team, it sets the stage for smooth project execution, making sure we meet deadlines, budgets, and stakeholder needs. Ousa's continuous learning reflects our commitment to ongoing growth, and we're excited to see the results of his evolving skills.


  • Beyond AI: The Emergence of Autonomous Agents. AI capabilities are on the rise, driven by advanced systems known as autonomous agents. These sophisticated AI entities are transforming industries and redefining human-computer interaction, pushing the boundaries of technology beyond our imagination.
  • Mastering the Art of Delivering Quality Work: A Guide. For professional service firms like ours, high-quality work has always been the cornerstone of success. But in today’s competitive, forward-thinking market, success is becoming more multifaceted. It's not just about meeting requirements — it's about going above and beyond expectations to deliver meaningful work.

From the Web.

This eye-opening analysis by Rest of World delves into the hidden biases and stereotypes embedded in AI-generated images of different cultures and nations based on an evaluation of 3,000 AI visual samples. Are AI image generators truly representative of reality? And how can we maintain transparency and accuracy with these tools to avoid negative real-world implications with larger-scale AI development?

One way to avoid bias and inappropriate outcomes, whether using conversational or graphic AI, is to properly train and direct the AI through prompts. This is called prompt engineering — the practice of designing inputs for generative AI tools that will produce optimal outputs. Thoughtful prompt engineering can make for better, more thoughtful responses.

Artificial intelligence is transforming customer experience across sectors and industries. From supercharging productivity and mitigating risk to enabling new business models and helping companies implement better strategies, AI solutions are redefining customer value and driving growth. This interactive article by Bain & Co. gives a comprehensive overview of what business executives should know about using AI for enriched and reinvented customer service.

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