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Welcome to Q4!

With the end of 2023 in sight and for better or for worse, the closing months of the year will likely bring about a final push to reach those big goals and identify important learnings and takeaways from what has been a challenging year for most.  

Despite this, during the past month, we’ve had the great opportunity to celebrate a handful of important and high-impact projects, including supporting globally recognized initiatives for the 78th United Nations General Assembly.

Alongside this, since moving to a fully remote operation, we rarely have the chance to meet all in one place. So, during September, we enjoyed taking some time to do an in-person,  full-team workshop to ensure we take a step back and share ideas, strategies, and opportunities to expand our client base and hone in on our exceptional ability to deliver high-impact and high-quality digital products.

This next quarter will set the stage for next year and, in some respects, going back to our roots. With a relentless dedication to Make It Happen™ for each and every client we work with, we’re currently in growth mode and looking for new clients seeking digital product delivery. To discuss more about our track record and previous work, feel free to schedule a discovery call with me directly,  and take a look at our latest work below.

Kieran Glover – Managing Director


— On repositioning for sustained growth.

The way we live and work is changing rapidly, and so are our expectations of the products and services offered on the market. Not surprisingly, in today’s dynamic environment, repositioning for the future becomes a strategic necessity. At Mäd, we're intimately aware of this as we're currently pursuing a reshaping of our own identity to better align with the full spectrum of the services we provide.

So, where do we start?

Effective repositioning begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your business’s current digital capabilities. It's about understanding where you stand in relation to the ever-shifting market demands. In line with that, at Mäd, we’re rigorously assessing our own digital prowess to stay at the forefront of industry trends.

You also need future-proofing, which is all about fostering a culture of adaptability, innovation, and continuous refinement of your digital infrastructure. Just as we're dedicated to enhancing our team's expertise at Mäd, we're here to assist your organization in preparing for a future of success in the digital age.

Ultimately, repositioning and future-proofing are not simply abstract concepts to think about – they're essential strategic considerations for thriving in the modern digital landscape.

Read more: How to Future-Proof Your Business.


  • Integrated SDG Reports Website. Continuing with our long-term work with the UNDP internationally, we had the great privilege of working on one of the flagship agenda items for this year’s UNGA conference. The SDG Integrated Reports website showcases over 90 countries’ performance and tracking towards the SDGs.
  • SDG Digital Day Website. Also, to support the UNGA agenda, we worked with the Boston Consulting Group, IDB, and UNDP to prepare the accompanying website for the highly anticipated SDG Digital Acceleration Agenda.
  • Data to Policy Navigator. To aid in leveraging data for better policy-making, we partnered with GIZ and the UNDP to craft an intuitive website and AI-powered chatbot to showcase the Data to Policy Navigator, which aims to assist government executives and policymakers in grasping the fundamentals of data-driven decision-making.
  • Aventa Genomics. We’re happy to share that the Aventa Genomics website is now live! Aventa Genomics is backed by the same team behind Arima Genomics — a long-standing Mäd client — whose website project we collaborated on in the past. We supported Aventa’s digital transformation, helping them shape their digital presence through enhanced website design and branding that aligns with the core mission of Aventa Genomics.


  • Arima Genomics. We’re pleased to share a case study highlighting one of the projects that emerged from our collaborative efforts with Arima Genomics.

Arima Genomics, a pioneer in the field of cancer research, embarked on a mission to redefine its digital presence. Our collaborative journey commenced with a comprehensive redesign of their website, marking the initial phase of this remarkable digital transformation.

Together, we crafted an online experience that prioritizes user-friendliness and simplicity, aligning perfectly with Arima Genomics' mission of advancing genomics research and enhancing human health. Delve into the story behind the fusion of innovation, strategic insights, and a shared commitment to driving significant change in our case study, Revitalizing Arima Genomics: A Strategic Transformation Journey.

  • Team Achievements. As a human-centric professional services firm, we believe that our team's growth is essential to our success. This month, we'd like to celebrate two of our team members’ accomplishments:

Our Web Designer and Developer, Ousa Chea, has earned his Webflow yearly renewal certifications, and Mäd Head of Design and Junior Partner Angelique Delamere has successfully completed the Google UX Design Professional Certificate. Ousa's expertise as our Webflow expert has been instrumental in delivering exceptional websites, while Angelique's commitment to user-centric design has shaped outstanding web experiences for our clients.


  • Leveraging AI for Digital Public Goods: Transforming Societal Impact. Digital public goods (DPGs) are open-source tools, resources, and services accessible to all and mainly facilitated by the Internet. When DPGs intersect with the remarkable capabilities of AI, their fusion unlocks revolutionary potential, transforming how we address global challenges.
  • Navigating Uncertainty: How to Future-Proof Your Organization. Operating in an ever-changing world calls for a strategy that stands the test of time. This is where future-proofing comes in, guiding organizations through the business environment of both today and tomorrow toward achieving resilience and success.

From the Web.

Digital progress and excellence are essential for businesses of all sizes in today's rapidly changing markets. McKinsey's Stairway to Digital Excellence framework provides a roadmap for organizations to achieve this by establishing a clear vision and goals, investing in the right technology, empowering teams, and building a culture of innovation.

AI is already being used to automate tasks, improve decision-making, and personalize customer experiences; in the coming years, it is poised to have an even greater impact on businesses of all sizes. Organizations that fail to adopt AI risk ceding competitive advantage. Bain & Co. offer a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in AI and how businesses can leverage AI to achieve their strategic goals.

Generative AI tools have the potential to revolutionize many industries, but recent concerns about their accuracy, misuse, and privacy risks have led to a decline in interest. Experts are starting to explore the future of this powerful technology, examining the challenges that need to be addressed and the opportunities it still presents.

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