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AI is having a boom moment right now, and understandably, the rapid progress in this area has left many of us scratching our heads and thinking about what that means for the way we live and work.

Personally, I adopt a more optimistic view — I have been dedicating significant efforts to understanding how these new tools can help us work more effectively and, most importantly, deliver more value to our customers. From this perspective, our mission at Mäd to help companies make meaningful change still rings truer than ever.

Whether this is through the use of AI and automation or more traditional approaches, our unwavering dedication to effectively solving problems will always be driven by our human-centric approach.

Kieran Glover – Managing Director


— On remote work.

For the past year, we’ve been working on a 4-day week schedule — but we’ve also been practicing flexible work for years before COVID. Considering our experience, plus our shifting services and operations, we've recently taken the plunge and decided to go fully remote.

Globally, more and more companies are embracing flexible arrangements to enhance their business. From hybrid to remote and work-from-home (WFH) options, this trend has been pushed even further by the pandemic.

For one, remote work challenges traditional notions of where and how work should be done. The COVID lockdowns in many countries have proven that we’re capable of breaking free from the confines of a physical office and creating our own ideal work environment. This has allowed companies and their people to blur geographical boundaries, opening up opportunities for diverse and inclusive workforces.

It's a new way of thinking about work, where results and outcomes matter more than mere presence.

Alternative work arrangements present an opportunity for businesses to reimagine work in the modern era. It's a chance to leverage the best of technology, talent, and flexibility to drive innovation and success. It's a chance to unlock the full potential of a diverse and globally connected workforce.

Read more: Becoming Fully Remote.


  • Going remote. As you will have learned from our Thoughts section, Mäd has recently decided to adopt a fully remote working arrangement. While most of our team members will be working from their homes, cafés, or co-working hubs, a couple of us are currently traveling. We’ve always embraced flexible work — after all, it allows each individual to choose the best conditions for them and ensures that work complements, not consumes, their life.


  • Legacy Quest. Mäd has once again started an official partnership with Steven Rudolph (of Multiple Natures) on his latest venture, Legacy Quest. This initiative aims to foster social and environmental transformation by cultivating sustainable communities, like eco-villages, that blend cutting-edge technology with cultural heritage. Together, we will be crafting a refreshed website that reflects the inspiring mission and vision of Legacy Quest.
  • AEON. We have previously worked with AEON Specialized Bank, a long-standing Mäd client, to redesign their website. In recent months, we have been collaborating once more by providing IT support services and adding new features and services to enhance their online platform.


  • Nurturing Interdisciplinary Teams in the Workplace. We’ve recently been focusing on ways to enhance our capabilities beyond our organization. This is how we built the Mäd Expert Database. The idea for this database was inspired by our thoughts on interdisciplinary collaboration — an approach that leverages diversity in teams to create more innovative solutions.
  • Digital Customer Experience: Strategies for Delighting Customers in the Digital Age. In today’s digital-first world, virtual interactions are rapidly replacing conventional ways of communication across both personal and professional spheres. This has also changed how businesses build relationships with customers. As the focus shifts to crafting better digital experiences, companies are starting to prioritize personalization to deliver great products, services, and customer journeys in the online realm.

From the Web.

Organizational transformation can be challenging and disruptive for companies — not to mention tiring for the people. However, there’s a way to run the change process more effectively and ensure that it generates more energy and momentum than it consumes.

Many of us have been using ChatGPT to help with work tasks, find the right answers, or simply give absurd prompts just for fun. Obviously, AI chatbots have their limitations and are not always 100% accurate. And yet, large AI models like GPT-3 have started exhibiting unexpected abilities, like generating creative content and performing tasks beyond their original training.

Many busy working professionals at all levels tend to neglect their personal health and happiness in the pursuit of productivity. Unfortunately, this can lead to burnout and be detrimental to both well-being and work performance. This interactive and informative piece is the perfect starting point to learn about how to holistically approach employee well-being.

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