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It’s hard to believe that the first quarter of the year has already come and gone. As we reflect on the past few months, we’re excited to share how we’ve been progressing in 2023 so far.

At Mäd, we’re thrilled to continue working with some of our largest partners while also exploring new opportunities for growth, particularly in the public sector. Despite the challenges posed by current global events, we remain committed to supporting our clients and seeking new ways to deliver value.

As part of our commitment to continuously provide exceptional service to our clients, we’ve been actively searching for talented individuals to join the Mäd Expert Database. This initiative seeks qualified specialists to join a roster of independent, international experts to support our growing demand from leading international organizations. Through several discussions from the start of the year, we’re optimistic that this initiative will help us expand our abilities and attract diverse projects and opportunities to compete on the global stage.

Alongside our internal initiatives, we’re delighted to have delivered two high-profile projects this month, including a significant revamp of the CBRE Cambodia website and a new website for leading local lifestyle brand Vattanac Properties.  

All in all, we’re no doubt feeling the pressure of the volatile economic environment we’re operating in. Still, as always, we continue seeking opportunities to deliver value to both new and existing clients.

Kieran Glover – Managing Director


— On AI “assistants.”

At Mäd, we’re always curious about how AI has been changing how we work: from strategic planning and data analysis to programming, communications, and content creation. And as tools like ChatGPT continue to take the internet (and the business world!) by storm, it’s becoming increasingly harder to imagine our lives without AI “assistants."

Particularly in marketing and communications, AI-generated content can help creators and marketers save time, produce more (and better) content, and enhance creativity, among other things. Yet, by reducing human input, it can also create ethical and legal issues, generate low-quality or irrelevant material, and even harm brand reputation and trust.

AI can certainly be an excellent tool for a company — if used wisely and ethically. For instance, we might ask AI to assist with research, ideation, and editing, but we need to ensure we add our voice, style, and value to the final material. Most importantly, we need to check the quality and accuracy of any AI-generated content before publishing or distributing it.

As diverse choices of AI tools start to dominate the market, it’s important for organizations and individuals to consider how they can best implement AI to benefit their workflows while recognizing — and mitigating — its risks.

Read more about AI team members.


  • Mäd Expert Database. Our new initiative seeks talented specialists to join a roster of independent, international experts to support our growing demand from leading organizations worldwide. If you or someone you know might be a great fit, reach out to us at!


  • CBRE. We’ve had the pleasure of working with CBRE on several projects over the last few years, and we are delighted to see the results of our collaboration in their latest project — the new CBRE website. The website was modeled following the international CBRE brand guidelines,  refreshed branding, along with an improved advanced search feature and status labels for properties.
  • Vertical Fitness. The latest lifestyle offering from long-standing client Vattanac Properties, Mäd had the pleasure of working on the design, development, and strategic positioning of Vertical Fitness, a high-end lifestyle and fitness center in Phnom Penh.


  • How AI Can Transform Your Business Processes. At Mäd, we’re committed to helping our clients achieve strategic goals and stay ahead of the curve. As AI-powered tools are increasingly taking center stage, like many companies across the globe, we’ve been exploring how we can leverage AI to enhance both our own and our clients’ business processes.
  • The SANE Business Analysis Framework. To evolve and stay competitive in a dynamic business landscape, organizations need to conduct regular analyses of their business. Evaluating your company helps to get a complete picture of its performance and address challenges and opportunities. We even developed our very own framework for analysis, SANE, which helps us maintain a sane balance for our business — even in a mäd world.
  • When to Outsource Your Work. Outsourcing is widely implemented by organizations to add more efficiency and expertise to their work. By contracting tasks out to a third party, companies can access a wider range of skills and specializations, which can help enhance their performance, broaden their areas of work, and boost project opportunities.
  • Kaizen for Digital Transformation. Companies are constantly pursuing new ways of improving their performance and profitability as they tackle dynamic trends and a competitive market. One unexpected but effective way to implement company-wide change and innovation is Kaizen.
  • How to Write an Outstanding RFP. Over the years, we’ve written, received, and responded to countless Requests for Proposals (RFPs). RFPs are a key tool that enables businesses to select the best partners for any tasks and projects that are not handled in-house. They help stakeholders on both sides make better-quality decisions and create more value.

From the Web.

With the rapid spreading of AI, many of us may have delegated our writing to tools like ChatGPT (see our Thoughts). Now, far less time is spent thinking about what and how to write, which might be great for efficiency — but not so much for our thinking and writing skills. So, why write?

In today's fast-paced and complex world, making great decisions quickly is a crucial skill for leaders (and everyone else, too). Learn how to apply a simple framework that can help you evaluate your options, avoid common biases, and communicate your choices effectively.

There’s a common misconception that leadership is a fixed trait that some people have, and others don't. Yet it’s actually a set of skills and behaviors that can be learned and cultivated by anyone through sufficient practice and feedback. To start, explore the four core dimensions of leadership and how they can be developed.

Entering Q2, we’re looking forward to continuing our current projects while exploring new opportunities and refining our strategy.

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Entering Q2, we’re looking forward to continuing our current projects while exploring new opportunities and refining our strategy. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Our team is always here and ready to help.

We hope you had a refreshing start to spring and are prepared for a busy season ahead.

Until next time!

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