Issue #08

Hi there,

I hope you’re doing well. Q2 is moving quickly, and we’ve been busy as usual launching new projects and continuing with our insights and research.


  • Canadia Bank Mobile App. We redesigned the Canadia Bank Mobile Banking Application to significantly improve the user experience for almost 400,000 customers.
  • Fingertip. Discover how we helped our long-standing client at JLC digitize their supply chain management in line with their ethos: Smart. Simple. Efficient.
  • Convergence.Tech. We launched a new website for Convergence Tech, a leading digital consultancy operating globally.
  • The New We helped another long-standing client relaunch their web presence with a user-centric website that leapfrogs them to the top of the industry.

I am also happy to report that Bloo, our project management system, continues to have strong growth. We’ve grown 3x since the start of the year with over 6,000 active users using our platform to work better, together.

One interesting fact about our strategy of offering unlimited cloud storage to all companies is just how cheap cloud storage is now becoming. To give you an idea of growth, customers have uploaded more files this quarter than in our first two years of operations, and yet our average monthly file storage fees can be covered by just a handful of customers.

The cost-per-gigabyte is likely to continue to decrease as storage becomes more and more commoditized, and it will be interesting to see what can be done when storing data and general-purpose computing becomes essentially free. I have been recently reading a book called “Superintelligence” by Nick Bostrom, which details what is likely to happen in the future as computing becomes ever more powerful and ubiquitous - highly recommended reading.

We also have our API coming out next month, which will be the turning point of Bloo going from a tool to a platform, and we are excited to see the creative solutions that our customers will create on top of our API.


Following our previous issue, we’ve continued expanding on our glossaries of terminologies to help clients, and departments communicate and understand one another better.

  • Web Design: Glossary of Terms. Our A-Z of useful website design terminology will bring harmony to the website design process—allowing clarity during development discussions.
  • Branding: Glossary of Terms. An A-Z of useful terms from the world of branding. We pick out key terminology to help you understand useful activities for brand success.

We also made the case for a content led approach to design and how that is the key to alignment across teams.

To complement the Communications theme, we detailed a how-to guide for clients regarding feedback giving, that guarantees an improvement in the outcome.

  • How To Give Great Feedback As A Client. The art of feedback is a balance of strategy, collaboration, vision, and empathy. Learning how to give great feedback can be extremely advantageous to output and relations.


We have been working on transforming our written insights into a video explainer format to communicate critical concepts catering to both visual and auditory learners.

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter. If there is anything that Mäd can do to help you and your business, do not hesitate to reach out.

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