Issue #06 — Q1 2021 Round-Up.

Hi there,

I hope you’re doing well and staying safe. As the vaccines start to roll out globally, everyone in business is thinking: what will be the new “new normal”?

Which consumer behavioral changes will be permanent, and which things will go back to as they always have been? While COVID-19 has created drastic change and enormous challenges, ambitious organizations also have a rare opportunity.

These opportunities come in two main categories:

  1. Driving Internal Change. There was a joke circulating last year that ten years of CIOs, Heads of Digital, and McKinsey couldn’t do what COVID-19 did for digital transformation and process change in a year. If you need to throw out legacy systems and change working processes, now is the best opportunity.
  2. Tackling New Markets & Channels. A significant number of businesses have had to rethink their channel strategies and even their entire core business. Making bold bets in digital channels, eCommerce, data, and automation is the answer to not only survive but thrive.

The economic recovery in the next 24 months will be K-shaped; there will be winners and losers. Organizations that were already well-positioned or have adopted modern work methodologies will be the ones that grow. Those who refuse to change or take too much time to re-position themselves in a digital-first world will have a much harder time. Speed is no longer optional.


Welcome to Grow.

  • Announcing Grow. We’re happy to be in Grow’s pre-launch phase, an online academy for design and management professionals to up-skill themselves and get better results. Register your interest, and you’ll have exclusive discounts available for the rest of the year.
  • New Mäd website & Domain. Our upgraded website lives on our new domain Updates include real-time search, suggested articles, and a new typographical system and insights layout to better surface relevant content.
  • Say Hello to äi. It’s no secret that we love conversational interfaces, and we’ve been testing our one out! You can learn more about Mäd and our processes by speaking to äi.
  • re: edge Case Study. We’re happy to announce the rebranding of re: edge, one of Cambodia’s leading architecture firms.
  • Bloo Growth. Bloo continues to grow and be adopted by a variety of different organizations. We’re onboarding an average of 4 new paying customers a day, and so far, in Q1 2021, customers have uploaded more than 3x data to Bloo than the previous two years combined.


  • Why Designers Should Learn to Code. We are firm believers in hiring multi-talented individuals, and we believe designers who have a strong understanding of technology design better products.
  • Optimizing Landing Pages. We break down, step by step, how to build high-conversion landing pages.
  • Website Go-Live Guide. Going live with a new web presence is complex; see the checklists we use to ensure success.
  • Better LinkedIn Remarketing. LinkedIn is expensive for advertisers, but we showcase a clever cross-platform remarketing trick that can dramatically lower total ad-spend.
  • Weighted Decision Making. A lack of transparent decision-making can paralyze projects. Applying a weighted decision matrix can create a transparent process to unblock overwhelming choices and drive growth.
  • Better UX: Chunking. In UX, Chunking is the valuable act of breaking down information into digestible subsections.
  • Chat-Bot Comparison. We review some of the post popular chat-bot tools and provide essential recommendations.
  • 5 Web Trends for 2021. We review some of the latest website design trends for 2021 and how these can be applied.
  • Anti-Goals. Sometimes it’s better to have an obvious idea of what you don’t want to achieve.

As always, we’re here to support your business growth goals across a variety of professional services.

I want to end by recommending one of the best business books that I’ve read in quite a while: Think Like Amazon: 50 ½ Ideas to Become a Digital Leader by John Rossman.

Let’s have a great Q2, and stay safe.

Kind regards,


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