Issue #05

Hi there,

I hope you’re staying safe and that 2021 has started well for you. We’ve had a busy start to the year, and I’d like to share the latest updates and research.

Client News & New Wins.

  • The Atom Case Study. We designed an innovative contact-free check-in experience for The Atom co-working space at Vattanac Capital.
  • KVL Hotel. We’re happy to continue our partnership with Vattanac Group, kicking off a new project for their upcoming high-end hotel.
  • Vattanac Bank Website. We’re also happy to announce that the new Vattanac Bank website is now live. This was a culmination of work from a multi-disciplinary team of designers, strategists, copywriters, and developers.
  • GIA Tower. We’re happy to announce that we have been engaged by GIA Tower, one of the largest upcoming office developments in Phnom Penh.

General News.

We are doubling down on video production, and you’ll be seeing more and more of our research communicated via fast and insightful videos.

Discussing Brand Strategy with Angelique Delamere. (YouTube)

An Interview with Jonathan Tep. (YouTube)


Continuing with our research and discussions, we’ve curated further insights that are available via our website. We welcome tens of thousands of visits per month across Asia and the world.

Please see below for an overview of our latest curation of ideas:

  • Generating Traffic. As we humbly celebrate reaching the top 100 most visited websites in Cambodia, we analyze our methodology and successes.
  • Using Bots to Automate. With the help of AI, we review the pros and cons of bots and explore methods that content publishers can use to automate their creative processes.
  • Writing Loyalty Program T&Cs. Copy and adapt our T&Cs example for a loyalty program, with key consideration put towards the consumer—and your business relationship with them.
  • Choosing UX Metrics. Narrowing down which UX metrics are the most important is not easy. With so many variables to consider, we discuss best practices.
  • The Interconnectedness Between UX & UI. UI is a part of UX. To discuss UI vs UX is to disregard the interconnectedness of the two very interconnected systems.
  • Dark UX Patterns. Dark patterns are deceptive framing techniques used in websites and apps. They make people make the developer’s choice, not theirs.
  • Paradox Mindset. Discover how you can enhance your decision-making process while encouraging your team to work better together with a paradoxical mindset.

We will be continuing and deepening our research and insights, and we will be creating weekly videos on key topics around strategy, technology, and design.

As always, we’re on hand to support you and your teams as you navigate these challenging times.

Kind regards,


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