Issue #04

Hi there,

I hope you’ve had a great start to 2021. As usual, I wanted to provide an update to the goings-on at Mäd, including our latest research and insights.

General News.

An interview with Anne Gerssen. (YouTube)

  • New Design Lead. We welcome Anne Gerssen as our new Design Lead at Mäd. She has previously held senior UX roles at Microsoft and Danske Bank and brings a significant amount of enterprise-level experience.
  • Introducing Pïxel. We’re providing an advanced and privacy-focused image-optimization service to all our clients, free of charge. You can visit to try it out. We provide your browser with all the necessary technology to optimize images and the processing is done on your local machine, with no data being sent to our servers.
  • 1% Climate Donations. We’re now donating 1% of all revenue towards climate change efforts, mostly focussed on renewable technologies and reducing carbon emissions.
  • Bloo Growth. Our Project Management SaaS (Software as a Service) offering keeps growing. We’ve recently included import and export features as well as increased the maximum project size. Bloo is now the 34th most visited website in Cambodia, just ahead of Netflix.

Client News & New Wins.

  • Vietnamese Ed-Tech. We’re happy to collaborate with an Ed-Tech startup in Vietnam, with the aim of bringing affordable, modern, and accessible education to all students.
  • Smart Axiata. We continue our collaboration with Smart in 2021, working on a significant number of new enterprise-wide initiatives.
  • Convergence. We’ve been engaged by Convergence, a global digital transformation consultancy that works closely with the likes of the UNDP and multiple government agencies across the world.
  • Trybe.ID. We are pleased to be working with Trybe.ID, a digital identity and credentialing platform that is creating the future of online identity. We look forward to helping them to create a world where users own and control their own data, and that user privacy is protected.
  • HungryApp. We’ve now published a case study on our work with HungryApp in 2020, where we went from concept to live business, working closely with the teams at RMA and EFG.
  • Fingertip. We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently launched a new corporate website for FingerTip, a Singapore-based startup that is looking to disrupt and digitize the sourcing and logistics industries.


Continuing with our expert interview series, we recently caught up with key industry leaders. Joining us this month, we’re proud to welcome:

  • Manu Rajan, CEO of Wing Cambodia. We discussed the Cambodian public debt, financial inclusion, and building teams in a frontier economy.
  • Adrienne Ravez, Director of Operations at QED and Co-Founder of Geeks in Cambodia. As fellow agency professionals, we had long and detailed discussions on topics such as developing women’s leadership, the ethics of social media, and the careful balance of trust and rules required to run an effective organization.


Continuing with our research and discussions, we’ve curated further insights that are available through We welcome tens of thousands of visits per month, and we’re now in the top 100 most visited websites in Cambodia. Please see below for an overview of our latest curation of ideas:

  • Managing Multiple Forms In Webflow. A quick workaround to managing multiple forms and emails in Webflow.
  • The Peter Principle. Promoting great team members to incompetence: How to avoid the mistake, and make better team decisions to nourish and protect talent.
  • (Un)Healthy Competition. Competition can boost creativity and team spirit. However, unhealthy competition is detrimental to the company in the long run. We examine the differences.
  • The Devil’s Advocate. While the name doesn’t justify its key role in a team setting, the devil’s advocate may just be the growing pains needed to reach great heights.
  • Automating Facebook Replies. Patience really is a virtue. Unfortunately for businesses, customer expectations for instant gratification are becoming an unavoidable norm.
  • Ad Fatigue. New ideas aren’t timeless. After dazzling audiences with novel thinking, the best fresh ideas fade from ‘new’ to simply ‘great’.
  • The Sunk Cost Fallacy. Spent resources need not be ultimate commitments. Knowing when to quit is a powerful leadership quality.
  • Diverse Perspectives. Find out how diverse perspectives are the glue to effective teamwork.
  • Building Gantt Charts in Figma. Organizational skills are fundamental to consistent success.
  • BoltFlow. We provide a tutorial to using Boltflow, the Webflow export optimization tool.
  • Naming a Brand. What’s in a name? Quite a lot as it turns out. Learn more about the thinking behind brand naming.

Again, we hope that you’ve had a strong start to 2021, and we’re here to support you every step on the way as you improve your teams and businesses.

Kind regards,


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