Votiva is the leading Microsoft Dynamics partner is South East Asia and are in the top 5% of Microsoft partners worldwide. They have multiple regional offices and over 80 active clients, many of which are famous brands.

They have over 150 Dynamics professional on board and over 250 Dynamics implementations since they started.

The Challenge.

Votiva had not updated their website and brand since their inception 8 years before this project started, and they were expanding rapidly to new markets where their brand was not known, and so first impressions counted more than ever. Votiva tasked Mäd with a complete rebranding, and also with the development of a cutting edge responsive website to inform clients, and drive sales via online channels.

Our Approach.

We decided to strive for a fast moving design process of running through many iterations of concept design, with weekly sit downs to decide on the best directions. We created over 200 logo variations over the course of a month, and eventually, we settled on a distinctive typographical logo with a unique stamp icon and the continued use of the old brand color of green.

  • Familiar.The new logo needed to be familiar to existing customers, and keep the ten year brand heritage alive.
  • Modern. However, it also had to be modern, as you would expect from a technology company that helps other business go through digital transformations.
  • Leadership. The key idea was to promote the fact that Votiva are leaders in their field and region.

However, we still felt that something was missing and that this look was not dynamic enough. After all, dynamics was literally in the name. After some brainstorming sessions with the client, the creative team decided to integrate the Microsoft Dynamics color scheme into the Votiva branding, as that is the only software product they work with and sell.

Microsoft Co-branding.

We created a unique logotype that is used in all media to give a clear focus to the new brand. This logotype was similar enough to the old logo to still be recognizable but strongly hints that Votiva has grown beyond its startup roots and is now a mature and respected company in its own right.

The Website.

The Importance of Websites for B2B.

In the past few years,  corporate websites for B2B companies have become incredibly important. Essentially, consumer product companies such as Dropbox, Slack, and Google have raised the bar of design expectations so high, than now this level of functionality and polish is expected across all websites.

This shows the previous Votiva branding and website on the left, compared with our final result on the right. Imagine how their (potential) customers see them now compared to before? One could almost say that they are a brand new company.

Of course, the website had to work across all devices.

Additionally, the website had to rank high on organic search results. In fact, it ranks first for "Microsoft Dynamics Partner South East Asia".

The Results.

Branding is incredibly important not just because it can make a company look great, but because it can be a catalyst for business transformation and improvement.

In Votiva's case, their new brand help them catapult into double digit yearly growth, millions of dollars of additional revenue, and a brand that will last them for years to come.


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