Work Like Mäd

"This is the book that I wish I had when I first started my business."

All you need to know about managing a professional service firm.
This is your comprehensive guide on how to Make It Happen™ and run a radically successful consultancy.

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In Work Like Mäd you will learn how to turn a reliable profit each year, find a sensible work-life balance, craft a company culture you can be proud of, and much more — all from the first-hand experiences of Manny Faja, founder of Mäd and Blue.

Build Momentum.

Drum up your business and set a strategy to ensure that you are consistently approached by new potential clients.

Working With Humans.

How to effectively work with team members and clients, treating people like human beings, not cogs in a machine.

Run Things Effectively.

Once you have clients and team members, how to keep everything humming along nicely and ensure that the business is stable.

Learn By Example.

From proposal templates, recommended reading, cash flow templates and more, Work Like Mäd delivers real-world knowledge and actionable ways to better run your business.

We made all the mistakes – so that you don’t have to.

Access our lessons from a full seven years of experiments, failures, and successes.

Buy Now For $20