Financial Institutions.

We help financial services firms navigate dynamically changing environments. Combining deep industry expertise, analytics, and research, we work with our clients to build the capabilities needed for long-term success.

At the intersection of people, design, technology, and organizational process, Mäd provides end-to-end support for financial services in the areas of system design, platform procurement support, and software development.

Product Design

From conception to delivery, we blend our deep understanding and experience of the financial services industry with human-centric design principles. This unique approach ensures we craft digital-first solutions that speak directly to the end customers and align with long-term strategic objectives.

System Design

We help financial services companies Make It Happen™ by assessing their current end-to-end architecture and design. We work with C-level business and technology executives to develop a deep understanding of their core business challenges and propose impactful solutions that help organizations grow and scale.

Platform Procurement Support

Our multidimensional procurement support helps organizations make smarter decisions. We work with C-level executives to streamline the vendor selection process; understanding the requirements and evaluating options from all angles to provide clarity and confidence for decision-makers.

Software Development

Our signature human-centric approach brings the best of user experience and design to integrated software solutions. Driven by innovation, we create custom software and tools for financial services companies. We cover customer acquisition and retention, enterprise tools, and more.


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Client Assets

Improving the mobile banking experience for over 150,000 users

Working with one of the largest banks in the region, we wanted to reimagine their mobile banking experience, which was falling behind the market leaders. Mäd partnered with them to advise and build a scalable solution that was both easy to use for existing customers and feature-rich for potential newcomers.

Transforming the loan application process for Cambodia’s leading microfinance firm

We have closely collaborated with one of Cambodia’s leading microfinance firms to support the launch of a new Loan Origination System. Initiating the shift from pen and paper to digital, we successfully simplified and optimized the day-to-day work of thousands of agents nationwide.  

Reinventing the way lower-middle income Cambodians apply for loans

Partnering with a new player in the sector, Mäd crafted a human-centric solution for the application, agent management, and digital disbursement of microloans. As the customer segment had limited exposure and experience with FinTech, it was crucial to deeply understand their needs to ensure the end product was as simple and efficient to use as possible.

Providing clarity to C-Level executives when navigating the vendor landscape

Our Senior Partners supported C-Level executives in one of Cambodia’s largest financial firms to accelerate their vendor selection process for both consumer and enterprise product development. Leveraging smart RFP documents, preparing demo days, and evaluating and negotiating each and every aspect up until the final selection, our team handled the process with expertise and precision.