Why We Chose Landbot.

First impressions are key to businesses. Generally, it takes seven seconds to make a good first impression on someone, which means for every customer encounter, businesses have seven seconds to convert prospects into customers.

Traditionally, customer experience happened mostly at physical stores. However, in today’s world, customer experience is beyond the traditional brick-and-mortars. From websites to mobile applications, they all serve the purpose of building a positive customer experience with the brands.

The rise of digitalization has transformed websites into multi-purpose resources for businesses to build and strengthen their customer relationships from the first impressions into long-lasting relationships.

Since people are spending more time online rather than going to physical stores, it is crucial to ensure consumers have a good customer experience on your website.

While a good website is what leads the consumers closer to the decision-making process, incorporating a customer service support into the website will help improve the customers' experience with the brands and their products.

For our Mäd website, we have a built-in Chatbot assistant called, äi who is in charge of delivering the best website experience to our customers 24/7. Hence, we will be discussing why we chose Landbot for the creation of äi.


When people hear the word 'software,' their initial response is to shy away from it because to them, it indicates countless hours spent on coding.

Landbot is a simple yet effective tool that doesn't require you to have coding knowledge in order to design a chatting tool that will help you understand your customers' needs better as well as fulfilling those needs.

At Mäd, our team is always up-to-date with the newest software that is entering the market. From that, we assess and pick the best software that fits our team and working culture. We believe that choosing the best software is the key element in aiding our team to continue producing high-quality and high-impact work that exceed our clients' expectations.


While a chat application is a perfect interactive feature for businesses to convert potential customers into buyers, it often requires a designated human agent on stand-by to assist the customers in real-time.

With Landbot, you are able to personalize and map out the whole conversation based on the directions that you want the conversation to go. Since the flow of the conversation has been determined, you are able to focus on getting your messages across to your customers while ensuring that they are able to effectively communicate their needs back to you.

Once the conversation has ended, you are able to revisit the chat history at any time because Landbot has saved all of the information and data from the past interactions. Hence, you can easily assign a team member to follow up with the customer based on the information gathered from the initial inquiry.

Journey Mapping in Landbot


As a human-centered design agency, we are always advocating for the end users. Our philosophy is that if the end users are unable to identify our intentions from our work then we are not effective human-centric designers.

Likewise, our decision to pick Landbot as a chatting tool for our website was not based on the UI alone but largely the UX part of it. As designers ourselves, we design with the end users in mind, making user-friendliness our main priority.

Landbot has passed our usability with their simplified features designed to ensure that the navigation and instructions are easy for the users to understand and make the most out of their Chatbot experience.


Now that you have built an amazing Chatbot, the last thing is to export and embed it into your website. This is a crucial step because if there are issues with exporting from the software then all the time and effort that you'd put into the work will go to waste.

Integration can be complex or messy between niche tools, but Landbot allows users to smoothly export their work with a single click. The ability to customise the interface allowed us to blend our Chatbot seamlessly with our website without having to compromise on 3rd party branding.  

Landbot Alternatives.

While Landbot is a powerful tool that we use here at Mäd, every business is unique in their own way; it's always worth looking to alternatives Typeform, Drift, ChatBot, and Intercom to assess and determine the business - tool best fit. Here are some of our findings from those alternatives:


If your business objective is to collect data and gather information for your assessment, Typeform is perfect for your business. If you are familiar with Google Form, Typeform is an interactive version of it.

Similarly to Google Form, Typeform allows you to personalize your own surveys and questionnaires for your target audiences. Typeform can then store all of the collected data in its backlog for you to access and analyze at your disposal.

Prior to Landbot, Typeform was a conversational tool that we used to communicate with our clients. From the data that we had collected, we transformed it into a strategic plan on how we could improve our communication in terms of tailoring our products and services based on the clients' needs.


While Landbot focuses more on creating a customer journey and user experience for your target audiences, Drift takes on a direct sales approach. Drift is built to support real-time communication by matching the customer with a designated agent that can accommodate their needs at that given moment.

With Drift, it helps smoothen the sales process a lot by handling all the FAQs so that your sales agents can focus on what they do best—Sell. In a way, it also allows businesses to filter out their prospects to help their sales team work better.

If a follow-up meeting is required, Drift is able to assist the users and match them with a sales agent according to their preferred time slots without having to redirect the users to a different page that requires more steps.


Certainly, there are many Chatbot alternatives for businesses to choose from based on the pro's and con's. Likewise, in order to make the most out of a Chatbot, it is important for businesses to clearly define their goals and needs to ensure that they are picking the software that is designed to boost their business performance.

Not only does a Chatbot add an interactive element to your website, it will also generate sales and increase customer retention.