Managing Multiple Forms in Webflow.

Today we're going to cover an easy work around to manage something that happens quite a lot when building a website in Webflow.

There are plenty of cases where your website might have more than one form to capture data. Generally speaking, you will have a form on your contact page to capture general enquiries, and then you might have lead generation forms on your product, feature, or service pages, and you might even have a dedicated form for complaints, suggestions, or support.

Additionally, if you have a careers section on your website you may also have a web form for each individual job so that candidates can upload the required information and apply for one of the listed positions, or even make a general open application.

One limitation with Webflow is that all forms in one Webflow website must go to only one email address. This can be problematic when different forms need send data to different people or departments. For instance, the job application form should go to HR, lead generation forms should go to sales, and so on.

The way around this issue is quite simple and straightforward.

  1. Create a dedicated email for the website. Often, many of our clients used website@[] as a catch-all address.
  2. Use email forwarding rules to forward emails from different forms to the correct emails in your company. The way this works is that we can setup each form to have a specific keyword in the subject before the actual subject.

So, for instance, lead generation forms would have a subject starting with [Sales], while form entry emails from the careers page can be labelled [HR] in the subject. You or your IT team can then create simple forwarding rules based on these keywords in the subject line to ensure that everyone gets the right emails, every time.

Webflow is constantly evolving, and we are quite sure that in the future this will become a native feature, the ability to set email receivers on a per-form basis. In the meantime, we hope that this small workaround makes launching a new Webflow website that much easier.

If you have any question or queries, please feel free to reach out to our team at your convenience, we're always here to help.