Case Studies: ODOM.

Phnom Penh is a fast moving city fueled by innovation and ambition and the developing skyline has been the paragon of this. Vattanac Tower once stood as a lone marvel, dwarfing the surrounding architecture, but now this giant structure stands tall amongst a forest of skyscrapers.  

When ODOM approached Mäd, they told us of their lofty dreams, and a vision of the 'vertical community'.

When dealing with a rapidly congested city, the idea of building wide becomes impractical. ODOM planned to build up, with two large towers combining all aspects usually found within communities:

  1. Living spaces
  2. Offices
  3. Communal areas
  4. Commercial units.

One of the two towers aimed to be the largest skyscraper in the city, perhaps representative of the goal to be the greatest bar none.

The team behind the ODOM project is ULS (Urban Living Solutions), who are also behind the iconic "Factory, Phnom Penh", where they took a previously derelict garment factory and repurposed it it as a multi-use co-working and event space

With such hunger for success, ODOM researched all potential agencies and talent in Phnom Penh, and found Mäd. Due to our extensive portfolio filled with diverse clients and work, our credentials indicated we were the right team for this project.

Having created a strong brand, courtesy of SAAT Studio, ODOM required a sleek website that captured the contemporary style and vision of their project, while acting as an always-on sales platform.

Choosing the Technology.

It's a common mistake to choose the technology first, and then see what you can do with it. At Mäd, we take the opposite approach and first ask ourselves what are they key project requirements, and only then do we choose the technology that will be a best fit.

With such a vast selection of CMS platforms to choose from, Mäd ensures we use the latest technologies that are both accessible but powerful. Having previously worked with universal solutions such as WordPress, we decided that the ODOM website required a very design-centric solution, therefore we opted for Webflow.

Webflow allows us to recreate the user interface design as a pixel-perfect website, and use sophisticated relationships between data structures on the backend of the design, whilst simultaneously being able to handover an easily editable front-end tool to our clients. We are able to train up those without UI or UX knowledge within a short amount of time, to add and edit content on their website via the Webflow front-end editor.  

Aside from clean, considered menus, and well presented information, the website had to dazzle in a way that showcased the essence of the project. The website should flow naturally, but with style.


Firstly, our team worked closely with ODOM to create an intelligent sitemap.
Our aim was to ensure content flowed naturally, whilst creating an easily accessible and enjoyable user experience.

As modernity was core to the project, a clean and simple menu layout was the perfect fit.


To reflect the dynamic vision of the ODOM project, we created clever 'animation' effects as the user explored the website.

The home page greets the prospective client with a large ODOM logo on the right hand side of the screen, which animates as the user scrolls downwards.  Also, we created a custom ODOM styled hover-over icon for the boxes underneath (Residences, Offices, and Square).

Custom Enquiry Forms

To be more efficient, we created multiple enquiry options - depending on the client's interest in either 1,2,3 and/or 4 bedroom properties.

Additional Menus.

Whilst the clean header and footer menus allowed us to reflect the sleek brand of ODOM, we needed to find a way to display expansive sections in an easily accessible way. Within the 'Living' page, there was a sub-category of 'Units': eight different home options.  

We created a floating Units menu, to embed within the page and scroll in the top right corner as the user navigated through this section.  By adding this tab menu effect, we were able to keep the header clean without any messy and distracting drop down options.

Designing for Designers.

Working with highly skilled teams is a joy, and yet it can often pose an interesting challenge. When the client is well versed in design - such as the interior, and exterior, design prowess displayed by ODOM - their brand must reflect that in all aspects.

We don't build skyscrapers, but we can build beautiful websites to harmonize stunning physical architecture with brilliant digital architecture.


One of the greatest indicators of project of success is repeat business, and Urban Living Solutions immediately engaged Mäd for an additional project, for their latest development in Siem Reap called Rose Apple Square.

We've always valued long-term client relationships, and we are happy to continue working with Urban Living Solution for the long term.