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Mäd is a human-centric design consultancy with seasoned expertise in UX/UI and web development.

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Our Story

Founded in 2016 as a design and branding agency, Mäd has evolved into a digital-first consultancy.

Our story is rooted in embracing long-term relationships, empowering clients through design, strategy, and efficient implementation, all with a focus on transparency and simplicity.


We exist to empower organizations with digital innovation, enabling them to thrive in an ever-evolving world.


Our approach merges design, technology, and people to create impactful solutions that drive progress.


We provide end-to-end digital services that transform ideas into tangible, user-focused solutions.

Our Principles

Embrace the Truth

We work hard to find objective measurements, uncover the truth, and keep information open.

Think Big

We prioritize long-term thinking, ensuring important decisions are made with a ten-year horizon.

Make it Happen.™

We set actionable goals, focusing on key constraints and maintaining a strong bias for action.

High Standards

We have clear standards that are always improving, and we don’t tolerate sub-standard work.

End-User Obsession

We focus on creating great experiences for our clients' customers, remembering that they are real people.


We spend on things that have a long-term impact and practice creative problem-solving.


We work in small teams and simplify processes, avoiding complex charts, instructions, or systems.

Have Fun

We spend a large portion of our time at work, so it’s best to ensure that we are having fun.

Fail Well

Everyone makes mistakes, and we accept that this is inevitable if we are going to try new things.

Always Learning

Knowledge expires quickly, so keep up-to-date and encourage others to do the same by sharing.

Our Approach

Our human-centric process blends innovation and expertise in every project.

Driven by a commitment to our clients' success, we implement design thinking to craft superior digital products and services.

One Partner per Project

We ensure dedicated attention and expertise by assigning one partner to each project, delivering tailored solutions for every client.

Remote Team

Our remote model allows us to tap into the best talent globally, providing exceptional service regardless of location.

Client Collaboration

We work hand-in-hand with our clients, valuing their insights and perspectives throughout the project's life cycle.

Our Tools


We use Blue, our project management platform, to coordinate tasks and streamline communication.


Figma is a collaborative design tool that enables us to craft beautiful, user-centric interfaces with precision.


Webflow is our platform of choice for seamless, responsive, and intuitive website development.

Beyond Expectations

RMA hired Mäd to create an innovative regional food-delivery startup that leveraged their 100+ restaurant locations with international brands such as Krispy Kreme, The Pizza Company, DQ, Swensen's, and Texas Chicken.

EFG - RMA Group

Mäd took over the website development and integrated Salesforce CRM to ensure that all listings updated by agents on Salesforce show up on the website. Customers submitting forms through the website get routed to the correct agent.


Mäd is a critical strategic partner in the bank’s effort to move towards digital banking and digital transformation, working on projects that span website design and development, digital payment product design, and even consultations on significant software purchases.

Canadia Bank

Primarily focussed on leasing assets for business and personal work use, iFinance are in a fiercely competitive sector, fighting against banks and micro-finance institutions. They approach Mäd for a complete rebrand and to build a website that their prospective clients could use to apply for financing and have that data automatically go to their core systems for follow-up by the sales team.



If you would like to #workwithmad then send us an email at hi@mad.co and let's Make It Happen.™

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